Students Feedback form for CPC 2019-20

Please find the attachment for Feedback Form.
The student will fill the feedback form and get the mail notification and will show the download you feedback pdf button as we did for all the feedback form. Data will store in the manage and filter will be there year-wise The following field will be mandatory,
  1. Date of Presentation 
  2. Name of the presenter: 
  3. Topic or Session: 

32 thoughts on “Students Feedback form for CPC 2019-20”

  1. Need to correct the following thing
    1. Increase the width of the main form title
    2. Disable the year. User will not select the year
    3. Reduce the year drop down width
    4. Other comment fields will be a text area and reduce the width
    5. Remove the : from the Suggestions for improvement: text
    6. PDF header will be as like the other pdf
  2. User mail subject:
    Replace it Students Feedback form for CPC – Kirti Singh with the Feedback form for CPC.

    Mail body:

    Dear User name,

    Thank you for submitting the Feedback form for CPC.

    In case you missed to download the Feedback PDF, please follow the following link.

    Warm Regards,
    Team ILS LAW College

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