Transfer certificate PDF

I have attached the transfer certificate doc file for PDF development.

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    1. The download button should be a ‘Download’ instead on ‘download prospectus invoice’ on payment received page
    2. Replace the Please check your inbox or spam box for Prospectus and Admission form. with ‘Please check your email.  You will be receiving an email shortly to confirm the transaction. ‘
  1. Remove below point from this task those are for prospectus research form not for Transfer certificate PDF

  2. 1. On click for transfer certificate popup form is open.
    2. Other are download directly.(This flow need to be discuss first.)
     3.right now PDF format is done.
  3. 1. cloning of from to year field is done.
    2. form data is save in json format.
    3. PDF structure is done dynamic date need for certificate is work in progress.
  4. As we created this flow on demo.
    we need to discuss about how to save data and PDF to be done.
    the flow which we discuss is working fine some bugs and error are there in manage admin section which are need to discuss.
  5. 1. Download on Edit field.
    2. Json Update when pop up data is changed.
    3. PDF format is changed. 
    4. certificate fields are updated once.
  6. 1. button after form submission is work in progress
    2.once admin fill data is updated.
    3. if admin repeat this section we need to update json again (work in progress) 
    4.PDF formate is done.
    5. user flow is done.
  7. In PDF the year & course name is missing in
    b) He/ She Passed at the —– Examination held in April 2006 getting Higher Second Class.
    Also give space after colon : in date. 

    Check in attached Doc file. Also we need to fix the space that is around the logo. 

    • Json data for Admin is updated now.
    • flag is set for download pdf button.
  8. 1. Show download PDF button after complete extra filed form is done.
    2. on payment success show button
    3. Data in extra field is update every change.

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