Userstory: Request for Answer book photo copy / scan copy

Userstory: We need an option in student dashboard for application for Answer book photo / scan copy. Following flow is expected. 
  1. Student login to the student dashboard click the button “Request for photo / scan copy of Answer book”
  2. Button will open a page where they can see list of subjects for year he/she is in for example LLB 1st year student see subject for LLB 1st year only 
  3. They will select subject each subject have designated fees and processing fee for now both is Rs.100 and Rs.20 respectively.
  4. Once they submit page will show subjects selected, total amount they have to pay and “Pay Now” button 
  5. Pay now will take them to SBI and they make the payment come back on success page 
  6. On success page they can download the receipt of this payment. Which mention the details of subject and processing fees. 
  7. Receipt will have invoice number and global invoice number. 
  1. Manage will show all the application submitted with payment status
  2.  It should show subjected selected for answer book photo/ scan
  3. Admin should able to download all the records submitted in the form in excel.  
This we need to get build by 16th April. Let me know your questions 

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  1. Break this user story in subtasks and we have to finish this user story by 15th April, so that we can move it on production on 16th April.
    • First create Photo/scan copy app
    • Page with student basic details
    • Subject list with multiple subject select option
    • Need clarification on fees structure.
    • submit form show basic details and pay for  request.
    • After success user can download receipt

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