wrong email received after student buy prospectus

  1. Student purchased the prospectus 
  2. Payment went into pending 
  3. later via cron it got successful but the email student received if for fee download 
  4. Student should received email with prospectus link and admission form link 
  5. test before sending email whether student is from normal admission or from prospectus 
Let me know if you have any questions. 

10 thoughts on “wrong email received after student buy prospectus”

  1. Issue is in cron 
    • we update invoice number in prospectus sale and payment log now.
    • all sending Email via cron are set now.
    Issue is resolve.

    Now those entries who have no prefix and proper invoice number work in progress.  

  2. Cron issue for admission and prospectus we fixed.
    we added specific code for particulate entries.
    now for event and certificate. we need to add this in cron.

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