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Our Roots

The early days of the Indian Law Society’s Law College date back as far as the year 1902, when Mr. J.R. Gharpure and Mr. P.B. Shingne decided to make a new beginning in the direction of a regularized system of imparting legal education. ‘The New Law Class, Bombay’ was therefore started in 1903. After running this class for five years, it was thought desirable to start a regular law college, which would be affiliated to a university. Accordingly, the Fergusson College Law Class was started in 1908, and was conducted by Mr. Gharpure. More than 125 students were registered on roll. However within a few weeks, this institution was disaffiliated from the University of Bombay. After a period of more than fifteen years the above experiment was still under trial. The scope for improvement was recognised and on 4th March, 1923, a new society called the ‘Indian Law Society’ was inaugurated, whose first President was Dr. Sir Narayan Rao C. Chandawarkar. It was proposed at this meeting that a private law college be set up in Pune. After preliminary preparations, the Law college formally commenced operation on the 20th of June 1924, under the banner of the Indian Law Society. It was then known as the ‘Poona Law College’. The Society acquired 154 acres of land and the first building called the Saraswati Building was built in 1935. The foundation stone was laid down at the hands of the Late Honourable Srinivas Shastri on 7th January 1935.

The Saraswati building was thoughtfully architectured to look like a sage meditating in the ‘lotus’ position. Subsequently the hostel for resident students, a Gymkhana and a pavilion were also built. The construction of a swimming pool further enriched the facilities. The Laxmi building was later added to meet the growing needs of the College. All this was done under the auspices of the first principal of the college, Nana Saheb Gharpure – a man of great vision & foresight.

From President’s Chair- Mridula Bhatkar

Former Judge, Bombay High Court
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Prof Photo

Congratulations for your right decision to pursue law in ILS.

Choosing a career in law enriched my life and studying in ILS Law College gave me the right orientation and confidence while working as a lawyer and a judge. Law opens doors leading to discovery of multiple avenues.

ILS Law College stands on the foundation of a glorious tradition with a crowning reputation on its crest. The galaxy of stellar academics of yesteryears and today’s team of dedicated teachers have made the college distinguished.

The alumni of the college, which include two former Chief Justices of India, Mr. Justice Y. V. Chandrachud and Mr. Justice J. I. Venkatramaiya, many brilliant legal luminaries, eminent artists and renowned professionals, are the roots of this old and sprawling banyan tree.

The degree in law will enable you to earn your bread and butter honourably, but more importantly, in this college you will learn to think and to question, which is the essence of education.

By evolving new techniques and innovative methods of teaching, ILS Law College explores many opportunities to equip the students to meet the challenges of the changing world.

Our country is struggling with complex issues. Our Parliament and State Legislatures need competent, honest representatives. The judiciary needs dedicated, knowledgeable lawyers and judges. The national and international disputes are to be resolved. All this is possible only with your contribution.

On the green cool campus of the ILS Law College your talent will be nurtured. The atmosphere is peaceful to have meaningful discussions with friends and thrive with nature.

Welcome and Best Wishes.

From Late Shri S. P. Sathe

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Prof Photo

Life is a better experience with a touch of legality.

Since you’ve decided to pursue a career in legal studies, I welcome you to the fraternity of people for whom life is law.

What should be the essential requirements for a person to be a good lawyer-discipline to follow the law, restraint and courage to speak the truth. Compounded with this, a lawyer must also realize his commitment to the society – justice, equity and good conscience must rule his philosophy of law.

Only a good legal education, one that allows you to understand the framing of laws and also their correct implementation can promote such qualities. ILS Law College provides you with all this and more. ILS has always been instrumental in producing lawyers par excellence and has been at the forefront of education, research and innovations in the field of law.

It is due to the pure dedication and sincerity of its flag bearers, that ILS is, where it is today. I consider myself fortunate to have been a student and the Principal of this college – a part of its 80 year old glorious tradition.

I wish ILS and its students all success in their onward march.