ILS Centre for Training for Good Governance

Indian Law Society has established “ILS Centre for Training for Good Governance” on 7th July 2022. The Centre was inaugurated at the hands of Hon’ble Justice Mr. Abhay Oka, Judge, Supreme Court of India. The aim of this Centre is to train government officers, semi-government officers, NGOs and other stakeholders who are implementing the relevant laws and procedures. The language of the law is found to be complicated and difficult to understand, especially for those who do not have a legal background. Their lack of knowledge of law results in lot of litigation which is time consuming and expensive for the litigant petitioner as well as State.

The prerequisite to decrease litigation is to understand the intention of the law, and how it can be used as a tool in the functioning of the personnel of the government NGOs or other stakeholders.

The Centre with a mission towards good governance will strive to reduce the burden on the judiciary in dispensing of justice by training the personnel in nuances of law and its procedures. The training will benefit the citizenry to have access to better public services also.

The Centre became operational with the inauguration of training programme of the officers of the Town Planning and Valuation Directorate, Government of Maharashtra as its first programme.