Minutes of Meetings and Action Taken Report 2020 – 2021

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting I

Meeting with Faculty Members

Date : 13 July 2020

Venue: Conference Hall, ILS Law College Pune


Admissions: It was resolved that the admissions for all classes should be conducted in the online mode, and an admission committee for students of II year onwards was to be appointed. It was further resolved to create a separate email id for admission related queries.

Mode of Conducting Classes: It was resolved to continue to conduct the classes in online mode for the academic year 2020-21, because of the continued pandemic. Attendance of the students for the lectures was to be recorded in the online mode only. A google classroom was to be created by each faculty for the subjects allotted to them and the same to be used for sharing e-content, reading material, and updates about the classes. Faculty members were asked to create e-content.

Academic Calendar: It was resolved to conduct all curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the online mode. Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar took the responsibility to make the academic calendar for all activities for AY – 2020-21.

Subscription to GSuite Educational Enterprise: It was resolved to subscribe to GSuite educational enterprise for conducting online classes.

Subscription to MyLoft: It was resolved to subscribe to MyLoft for maintaining access to e-databases for research purposes and the responsibility was given to Mr. Madhukar Togam.

Approval for Certificate and Diploma Programs: It was resolved to conduct all certificate and diploma courses in the online mode. The course content for seven programs was approved and it was resolved to introduce additional programs during the year.

Meeting II

Meeting with Teaching and Non-teaching staff

Date : 18 December 2020

Venue: Conference Hall, ILS Law College Pune


To discuss the admission policy for I B.A. LL.B. and I LL.B.: Dr. Deepa Paturkar gave information about the schedule of CET Admissions for I B.A. LL.B. and I LL.B. She also briefed about the precautionary measures to be taken by teaching staff and non-teaching staff to avoid Covid-19.

Any other Agenda:

Ms. Rajalaxmi Joshi briefed about the Alumni Meet to be conducted on 25 December 2020 via google meet. She further informed that alumni who have cleared civil services examination will be felicitated during the alumni meet and the students from Batch of 1995 are invited to attend the meet. It was resolved to make the meeting available on Youtube and Facebook through streaming.

Meeting III

Meeting with Teaching staff

20 January 2021

Venue: Conference Hall, ILS Law College Pune


Internal Examination and Attendance Policy: Mr. D.P. Kendre briefed about the status of internal examinations conducted by the college and it was resolved that students should be given one more opportunity to  appear for internal examinations.

AQAR 2018-19: Dr. Suvarna Nilakh informed everyone that the AQAR for academic year 2018-19 has been uploaded on the NAAC Portal and the same is also uploaded on the college website.

Centenary Celebrations: It was resolved to create various departments for celebration of centenary of Indian Law Society commencing from 4th March 2022.

Any other agenda:

Suggestions on teaching pedagogy: It was resolved to impart transformative pedagogy, skill building, experiential learning, deductive reasoning, and interdisciplinary understanding in the online teaching learning exercise.

Plan of Action Action Taken

Conduct of Online Certificate and Diploma Programs

Organized 15 online certificate and

diploma courses throughout the academic year:

Conduct of International Conference on Disability

Organized a three day summit on Legal Professionals with

Disabilities from 1-3 December 2020

Conduct of Workshop on POSH Act

A successful workshop for prevention of sexual harassment

at workplace was conducted on 1 March 2021.


Initiation of Research Activities

1.Research on Socio-legal, Economic and Psychological

Implications of CORONA on the Lives of Persons with

Disabilities in General and Visually-Challenged

Persons in Particular in Pune District: An Empirical

and Situational Analysis withIndian Council for Social

Science Research and ILS Law College ,Pune

2.Research on Competition Assessment on ‘Air Brake

Sector’ with Competition Commission of India

3.Research on Inclusive Public Space: Law, Universality and

Difference in the Accessibility of Streets with Centre for

Disability Studies, University of Leeds, UK and the

European Research Council and Indian Law Society

Collaborations for Awareness Programs on Socio-legal Issues

Following awareness programs were conducted:

1.Online Awareness Creation on Gender- Based

Discrimination and Domestic Violence in Marathwada

Region of Maharashtra with Swissaid.

2. Translation of Law related entries in Marathi

with Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Vishwakosh Nirmiti Manda

Legal Aid Initiatives

Following initiatives were taken in the academic year:

1. Provision of Legal Aid Services with Kagad Kach Patra

2.Provision of Legal Aid Services with Deep Griha Society

Training programs for students

Following Training Programs were conducted:

1.Training Session On Westlaw with Thomson Reuters

2.Training Session on Manupatra with

Manupatra Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Training programs for staff

Following training programs were conducted:

1.Training Program for administrative staff
on “Bringing Efficiency in Administrative Correspondence”
was conducted on 28 June 2021.

2.Training Program for administrative staff on
“Communication Skills for Administrative Staff”
on 29 June 2021.