Center for Public Law, ILS Law College Intra-College Constitutional Law Quiz Competition (2018)

Number of teams:

Total number of teams registered 21, each team consisting of two members.
Total number of participating teams – 19.
Around 50 students attended the quiz as audience.

Structure of the Quiz:
Round one: It was the preliminary round where all the 19 teams participated. It consisted of 20 questions.

Round two: This was the first elimination round. Out of the 19 teams, 12 teams were selected for this round. The format of this round was Audio- Visual questions to the participants.

Round three: Final elimination round. Of the 12 teams, 6 qualifying teams participated in this round. The format of this round was Rapid – Fire Questions.

Winning teams:
First prize: Anushri, Shalanki (II Ba LLb)
Second prize: Karishma, Harshit (II Ba LLb)

Respected Principal,Faculty and the students of ILS Law College have congratulated the winners of the competition and the Centre for Public Law for taking this initiative.

The Quiz was designed and conducted by the students peer team and overseen by Dr. Sanjay Jain and supervised by Isha Khopkar