Competitive Exam Activities 2015-16

  1. Inaugural Session by Ms. Gauri Marathe
    Inaugural Session of ILS Competitive Exam Cell was conducted on 11th August, 2015. Ms. Gauri, (an alumnus of ILS Law College) who has cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2014, guided the students on the ‘Syllabus of UPSC and the Advantages to law Students’ in UPSC preparation. She also gave a list of important books to refer to for the preparation.
  2. Guidance Lecture of Mr. Akshay Abhyankar
    This session was arranged on 8th January 2016. Mr. Abhyankar mentored the students on newspaper reading and essay writing, two of the most important aspects of UPSC Preparation. He also spoke about the connection between the law course and studying for UPSC.
  3. Indian Economy Guidance Session by Mr. Ajit Abhyankar
    On 29th January 2016, in an elaborate lecture, Mr. Abhyankar elucidated basic concepts of economics and Indian economy. He also spoke on the issue of black money and a civil servant’s perspective of the possible remedies.
  4. Active Participation in Top Management Consortium Conference
    On 14th February, 2016, the student coordinators of the cell attended a conference on the topic “Parliamentary Discipline for a Vibrant Democracy” arranged by TMC. This conference was guided by Justice P.B. Sawant (Former Supreme Court Judge), Dr. Ram Jethmalani, Dr. Subhash Kashyap, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar and Mr. Vivek Velankar.