With reference to the UGC Letter dated 5th April 2020 regarding “Mental Health and Well-being of Students during and after COVID-19″, ILS Law College in collaboration with the Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy ( CMHLP) is pleased to announce the setting up of the ILS COVID-19 PEER SUPPORT TEAM.

A team of 9 students supervised by faculty coordinators and a team of counsellors will be addressing the issues of stress, anxiety and distress faced by the student community of ILS Law College in these hard times. The students’ peer team will undergo an online training session to equip them to render support to their fellow students.

The role of the peer support team is to act as a facilitator between the students and the counsellors/ faculty coordinators and thereby enabling students to identify the psycho-social difficulties faced by them and get professional help.

Students facing any type of stress, anxiety and/or distress can call/mail any member of the Peer Support Team between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and get help followed by professional assistance.  Students may also raise the issues relating to mental health, psychological concerns and well being through an email addressed to [email protected]. The information provided and sought will be kept confidential.

The members of Peer Support team are as follows:

Name Mobile No. Email Id
Vikrant Raje 8956079853/ 9356062659 [email protected]

Shreya Sukhtankar

9870499935 [email protected]

Nihar Chitre

9757135410 [email protected]

Sarab Lamba

7768851155 [email protected]

Atharv Joshi

7775038520 [email protected]

Shweta Jha

8235450401 [email protected]

Payal Kamath


[email protected]

Rajmohan CV

8547547050 [email protected]
Tanushri Joshi 9757297802

[email protected]


Dr Kaustubh Joag, Psychiatrist, CMHLP

Ms Sharon Ann Sabu, Counseling Practitioner, CMHLP

 Faculty Coordinators:                                             

Dr Suvarna Nilakh: [email protected]

Ms Divya Mittal: [email protected]

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