Centre for Criminal Law


The Criminal Law Centre was established in the academic year 2015 to study the contemporary issues and challenges in criminal law. The Centre conducts sessions on different aspects of criminal law along with recent criminal law issues to give better understanding and updated knowledge to the students. The Centre also serves as a platform for students to have insightful discussions pertaining to the field of criminal law. The Centre visions to impart extensive knowledge and increase the interest of the students in criminal law by focusing on all aspects of it and giving them a more pragmatic view of the field, which cannot always be covered in regular lectures.


  • To provide with comprehensive knowledge in criminal law and related topics/fields.
  • To intently scrutinize both procedural as well as substantive law.
  • To promote research and action in selected areas of criminal justice and victimology.
  • To bring various stakeholders to debate and discuss about criminal justice in order to achieve an efficient criminal justice system.
  • To promote better participation of students by conducting engaging activities for students.

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray


Centre for Criminal Law 2022–23