Cultural Activities 2014-15

Faculty coordinator: Shri. Santosh Jaybhay
The ILS Cultural Group has always very enthusiastically been taking part in various drama, music n dance competitions and activities round the year. This year definitely proved to be a golden one for cultural as it brought many laureates to the college in various events and won many group and individual prizes at inter-collegiate and state-level competitions wherein the students showcased their talent beyond academic boundaries.

Following is the report of their triumph, this academic year:

  1. Drama

    1. Suman Karandak Natya Wachan Spardha:
      The competition is unique in itself for it encourages ‘play-reading’. Our college participated and read the play ‘Ivalasa jeew’ written by Ismat Chugtai. It was read by team of Arpita Ghogardare (V BSL), Apurva Kulkarni (V BSL), Dnyanratna Ahiwale (V BSL) Saee Tamhankar (III BSL), Aarti Bankar (III BSL), Pallavi Kale (II BSL), and Vikrant Khare (I BSL). The play was directed by Apurva Bhilare (V BSL). Pallavi Kale won consolation prize.
    2. Purushottam Karandak 2014:
      This was the Golden Jubilee year of the most prestigious one act play competition, Purushottam Karandak. Our college has been an enthusiastic participant in the same. This year college showcased a play named ‘CHITTHI’. The play was a finalist amongst 51 other colleges and won the FIRST prize i.e. the ‘Purushottam Karandak’. This is the sixth time that college has won the Karandak and thus we are the ones to get the Karandak for most number of times. The team broke many records and also won maximum individual prizes. Arpita Ghogardare (V BSL) won ‘Keshavrao Date’ (Best acting overall) and ‘Yashwanta Swarabhinay’ (best diction), Dnyanratna Ahiwale (V BSL) won ‘Nirmal’ (best acting male), and Apurva Bhilare (VBSL) won ‘Ganpatrao Bodas’ (best direction), Pallavi Kale (II BSL) and Anuja Mulay (I BSL) won ‘Bapusaheb Oak’ (acting consolation prizes. The play was based on a story written by ‘Vyankatesh Madgulkar’ and was adapted by Apurva Bhilare.
    3. Chakri Natya Wachan Spardha:
      This was also a play-reading competition held in month of July. Team consisting of Radhika Kulkarni (II LLB), Saee Tamhankar (III BSL), Shruthi Darbhamulla (III BSL), and Aadesh Agarkar (II BSL) performed a play named ‘masterpiece’ which was based on a story by O’Henry and was adapted by Nikita Joshi (V BSL) and directed by Saee Tamhankar (III BSL).
    4. Sarpotdar Karandak:
      This is an impromptu competition in which the subject is given on the spot and is given half an hour to prepare. Team of Saee Tamhankar, Radhika Kulkarni, Pallavi kale, Anuja Mulay, Vikrant Khare, Shubham Gade (I BSL), and Rakesh Mali (I BSL) performed on the subject ‘license’. The theme of the play and the acting was really appreciated by the judges.
    5. Lokankika Spardha:
      This was a state-level one act play competition organized by ‘Indian Express’ and ‘Loksatta’ which was conducted at 8 different centers in the state. Our college staged the play ‘Chitthi’. The play was chosen as the best play in the competition and also bagged many individual prizes. Nrupal Dingankar (I BSL) and Anand Thotange (V BSL) won prize for best light arrangement, Vineet Prabhune (II BSL) won prize for best music, Aadesh Sarbhukan and Renuka Joshi (I BSL) won prize for best set, Arpita Ghogardare won prize for best acting overall, and Apurva Bhilare won prize for best direction. The play was very appreciated by eminent dramatist Vijaya Mehta.
    6. Firodiya Karandak:
      Firodiya is a multi-talent competition which includes drama, dance, live music, and other art forms. This year our college performed a play named ‘Ranguni Rangat Sarya’.
  2. Dance

    The ILS Dance Group is called ‘Aadhya’, which means ‘source of all elements’. The group comprises of 22 members and is headed by Priyanka Joshi (V BSL). The Dance group has been taking part in various dance fests and competitions in and around Pune and has not only been successful but has also received a lot of appreciation. Every year, Aadhya choreographs a theme based dance sequence and performs the same at various competitions. This year’s theme was ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’. Aadhya participated in the following events:

    1. Sympulse 2015, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Studies, Pune.
      The group secured the First position in the Group Dance category and two members of the group namely, Paazal Arora and Harshika Barlinge (both of IV BSL LLB) stood Second in the International Dance category.
    2. Symbhav 2015, Symbiosis Law School, Pune. The group stood Second in this competition and also qualified to the Western Zonal Level of World Hip Hop Championship to be held in Mumbai.
    3. Fest-O-Comm 2015, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.
    4. Silhouettes 2015 Armed Forces Medical College, Pune.

    Aadhya also performed during Legal Ease and Aahwaan.

  3. Aahwaan

    Aahwaan, the Intra-College Drama Competition which was held on 3rd March, 2015 was a grand success. The competition had 7 plays, each with a unique story: ‘Virus Detected’, ‘The Crush’, ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhan’, ‘Made for Each Other’, ‘Al-Qiyamah’, ‘A Fair Game’ and ‘Kaash’. Aahwaan kick started with a grand performance by the ILS Band, ‘Vidhi’. The event also had a wonderful performance by the ILS Dance Group.
    The judges for the evening were Mr. Divyanshu Malhotra and Mr. Ajayan Adat.
    The Organising committee comprised of 6 students namely, Shahzar Hussain, Amit Phadke (Both of VBSL LLB), Paazal Arora, Radhika Madan and Saumya Gupta (IV BSL LLB) and Amol Jagtap (III BSL LLB). There was also a team of 25 hardworking and dedicated volunteers.
    The event was anchored by Sushant Mahajan and Sayli Tomey (Both of V BSL LLBB).
    The opening speech and vote of thanks were delivered by Shahzar Hussain.
    The sponsors for the event were AIESEC, Artshart, V Chat Cafe, Oma, Wills Lifestyle, Red Bull, ROFL and our title sponsor was ZEST CS Classes.

    The winners of the evening were:

    • Best Play: Shubh Mangal Savdhan
    • Best Actor: Krushal Shinde
    • Best Actress: Poornima Phuse
    • Best Supporting Actor: Avish Kant
    • Best Supporting Actress: Tanvi Dabir
    • Best Script: Made For Each other and Virus Detected
    • Best Director: Aadesh Sarbhukan
    • Aahwaan was covered by ‘Drishtikon’, the ILS Photography Club
  4. Photography Club

    The ILS Photography Club is called ‘Drishtikon’. The motive behind running this club is to generate interest of photography amongst students. The club has been promoting Weekly Photo Competitions, Photo Walks, and Guest Lectures by renowned photographers and Photo Exhibition by its members during Legal Ease. Members of Drishtikon also cover various events in the college.
    This year, the club had a membership of 25. The club had in total 5 Photo Walks this year and the exhibition that was put during Legal Ease was visited by Professional Photographers, Nature Lovers, Various advocates and the IFS officers.

  5. Band

    The ILS Band ‘Vidhi’ comprises of in total 13 members. It is headed by Kritika Choudhary (IV BSL). Vidhi has performed for Legal Ease, Firodiya Karandak and Aahwaan.

  6. Legal Ease

    Legal Ease is the Annual Cultural fest of our college. These are the days when the college becomes colourful and all students participate in the non-academic fun events such as dumb-charades, antakshari, treasure hunt, quiz etc. people also get a chance to showcase their hidden talents in singing and dance competition and talent show competition such as Mr. and Ms. Traditional. The theme for the fest this year was ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. The fest was conducted from 25th Dec. to 30th Dec. 2014. 25th Dec was the Alumni Meet. The cultural group actively helped in organizing the Meet. There were various performances and activities that took the alumni on a nostalgic journey back to their college days. The highlight of the event this year was the soulful ‘Ghaazal’ concert by Mr. Alhad Kashikar and his team. The fest ended with the vibrant cultural rally where the entire college including students and faculty danced their hearts out and of course the breath-taking annual gathering including a rocking performance by ‘Aadhya’, the Dance Group, ILS band ‘Vidhi’ and Final Year Batches (V BSL LLB and III LLB).