Cultural Activities 2015-16

Faculty in-charge: Mr. Santosh Jaybhay

Our college has been a proud participant in the cultural history of Pune. It has contributed in the various sectors of art, with its students and alumni together making a mark on the fields of drama, dance, and other performing arts.

Following is the overall view of the cultural activities by college:-

  1. Symbiosis Karandak – 2015
    It is a competition for the recital of drama where 7 students participated representing the college. ‘Bajar’ was the name of the drama performed. It was based on a short story written by ‘Mr. Vyankatesh Madgulkar’. The drama qualified for the final round of the same. 9 colleges out of 37 qualified for the finals. The drama was much appreciated by the judges.
  2. Purushottam Karandak – 2015
    In this prestigious competition our college was represented by the play named ‘Shodh”. The competition is well known in Pune for its critical analytical approach towards drama. The performance was based on a short story names Shodh, written by Mr. Prakash Narayan Sant. 16 students participated in the drama and it received accolades but unfortunately could not reserve a place in the finals.
  3. Vodafone Rangasangeet – 2015
    A competition to promote the tradition of musical dramas recently opened its doors for non-musical dramas also. The same drama Shodh was performed by the students in this competition. 17 students from the college participated in this competition. As it was an open competition, it provided a lot of exposure to the students.
  4. Savitribai Phule Pune University Drama Competition – 2015
    It was the 2nd year of S.P.P.U’s drama competition. The students’ welfare committee of the university took an initiative towards promoting the hidden skills of students through drama. The competition was a huge success. Our college performed a drama named “Chaitra” based on a short story by Mr. G.A Kulkarni, who is a renowned Short Story writer of Marathi Literature. 19 students participated in this performance, which was admired by critics.
  5. Sarpotdar Karandak – 2015
    It is a stage promoting the art of impromptu drama. It is organised by Brihan Maharshtra College of Commerce. 2 teams from our college entered the competition, each of 7 students. The subjects were ‘Teri Meri Dosti’ and ‘Chaukat’. The drama ‘Chaukat’ was especially appreciated. Ms. Aishwarya Wakhre received the Best Actor Female. It was said that both the performances reflected team spirit.
  6. Firodiya Karandak – 2016
    It is an inter-collegiate drama competition. It consists of Music, Dance and Drama. Also, other events like shadow play were also performed. The team representing the college in Firodiya Karandak consisted of 30 students. The College presented a drama named ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall”. It was performed for the primary round of the competition. Unfortunately, it could not secure its place in the next round.
Sr. No. Name of the Competition Name of the Play State/National/University  No. of Students Result
1 Symbiosis Karandak Bajar State 7 Qualified for Finals
2 Purushottam Karandak Shodh State 16
3 Vodafone Rangasangeet Shodh State 17
4 S.P.P.U Drama Competition Chaitra State 19
5 Sarpotdar Karandak Teri Meri Dosti State 7 Ms. Aishwarya Wakhare, ‘Best Actor’
6 Firodiya Karandak Mirror Mirror on the wall State 30

The year saw hard work and consistent perseverance on the part of the students. We move towards the next year with more hope and experience for the future.

Aahwaan 2015-2016
Aahwaan, the Intra-college drama competition was a grand success with 4 plays each having a different storyline. All the plays viz. ‘Love Aaj Kal’, ‘Ardha-Naari-Nateshwar’, ‘Dil Maange More’ and ‘Fiza’, each delivered a unque message. Aahwaan had a great beginning with an enthralling performance by the ILS Band, ‘Vidhi’. The ILS Dance Group ‘Aadhya’ also put up a great show. There were various other fillers between the plays that the students had arranged for based on the theme of ‘Bollywood v/s Reality’.

Aahwaan was judged by Ms. Adwaita Das and Ms. Sonia Kumar who are well established personalities in the field of drama and acting.

The organizing committee consisted of 8 students, viz. Saumya Gupta, Radhika Lund, Paazal Arora, Harshika Barlinge, Zarah Eapen (all V BSL,LL.B.), Kruti Gogri, Amol Jagtap (both IV BSL,LL.B.) and Shubhangi Agarwal (III BSL,LL.B.). There was also a team of 32 dedicated, hardworking and helpful volunteers.

The event was hosted and anchored by Omkar Dhakephalkar and Akshay Chikhale (both V BSL,LL.B.).

The title sponsor for the event was Zest Learning CS Classes. Other sponsors included PPC Stationeries, Frozen Monkey, Eagle Boys Pizza, The Chocolate Room, Papa John’s Pizza, Krustys, Burger Barn Café, McDonald’s, KFC, Floyds Café, Wills Lifestyle, Red Bull, AIESEC, Vibez, Out of the box Crafts and The Dream Boulevard. Food sponsors for the evening were House of Paratha and Marrakesh. The entire event was covered by ILS Photography Club “Drishtikon”.

Best Play: Fiza
Best Script: Fiza
Best Director: Parvaz Cazi, Chirag Oswal, Divyasha Mathur
Best Actor: Omkar Joshi
Best Actress: Prajakta Zalke
Best Supporting Actor: Siddharth Bane
Best Supporting Actress: Vaibhavi Dhotre

Legal Ease 2015
Legal Ease is the annual intra-college cultural festival of ILS Law College, where the students of law explore their dormant talents in arts and cultural activities. The festival is a four days elaborate affair and the students as well as the campus put on a cheery and vibrant avatar. The festival is packed with different games and competitions.

26th December 2015: ‘Rural India- Farmers Day’
The day started with the inauguration of the festival by Principal Vaijayanti Joshi. It was followed by fun fair where a plethora of fun games were conducted by volunteers such as paper dance, hoopla etc. In the afternoon a fun filled game of ‘Antakshari’ (prelims) was conducted, followed by the quiz prelims round, designed by ILS quiz club ‘Q’.

The spotlight of the day was the Treasure Hunt. Participants combed the whole campus looking for clues and had thrilling time. It was the most participated event of the festival, with 80 teams participating.

27th December 2015: ‘Bollywood Movie Character Day’
This day had the spirit of competition all over it because antakshari and quiz finals took place. The main event of the day was Solo and Duet singing, and students sang their hearts out. Many a students revealed their unseen talent in front of the college making the event an enjoyable and memorable one.

The highlight of this day was a music Concert by Shaad and Aniket. They performed unplugged Bollywood songs. The mesmerizing voice made the heads and hands of the audience wave in sync. The whole auditorium was filled with music, and faculty and students thoroughly enjoyed the show.

28th December 2015: Glamorous day
On the penultimate day of the Festival, The College looked nothing short of a red carpet event. It started with a game of Dumb Charades. Cooking has always been an eagerly awaited event of Legal Ease. It was all about Laziz Affairs. Participants cooked fusion food on the theme ‘deserts’.

The next event was ‘Main Actor Banana Chahta Hoon’, which is literally dramatic. Every student performs a given dialogue in his very own andaaz. The students’ performances were met with roaring applauses. A spectacularly entertaining Solo and Duet Dancing event took place next.

The evening held a very glamorous ILS Fashion Show event, sponsored by Sneharutu. The show was choreographed by Mr. Chetan Agarwal. Students of ILS Law College were modelling, donning exquisite garments, and the show was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Fillers complimented the show.

29th December 2015: Traditional Day.
The heritage of Pune’s culture is lined by a great tradition of Dhol Tasha. The cultural rally started with a loud roar of dhol. The Palkhi carried our Constitution, portraying the emotion that Constitution is our religion. The day had a much awaited program of annual gathering where the winners in the festival performed, and ILS hostel girls and batches of 3rd LLB and 5th BSL performed their batch dance. ILS Band Vidhi performed next, leaving a musical last impression of the festival.

This event was possible because of a generous help by Syndicate Bank, SnehRutu and other sponsors. We are thankful for their support.