Cultural Activities 2017-18

Legal Ease 2017 :Faculty Coordinator : Mr. Santosh Jaybhay.

Student Coordinators:Abhijeet V Jangale, Aavish Kant, Adesh Agarkar, Gnanusha, Sanghpriya Shere, Priyanka Unde ( V B.S.L.,LL.B.).

Legal Ease is the Annual Cultural Festival of ILS Law College. The purpose of Legal Ease is to bring the students together and help them grow not only academically but also socially. Also, it provides a platform for the students to showcase their talents, enhancing their overall development.

The Theme of the 2017 edition was “Experience the Music Within,” the thought behind being, “every memory has its own sound track.”

 The fest went on for four days from 25th December, 2017 to 29th December, 2017. 

Activities Conducted In the Fest
DAY 1: The festival opened on 25th of December 2017 with the theme, “Christmas Day.” The day started with the Annual Alumni meet, where all alumni gathered and had an enthralling experience. The next event lined up for the day was “Fun from Junk.”where  students were given junk items and out of that, they had  to form something creative. The event that followed was “Art Mania,” where everyone displayed their painting skills. This was followed by the most awaited event “Treasure Hunt.” The teams were divided into different colour codes, and each colour code had a set number of clues guiding them to the treasure, each clue was placed at different parts of the college campus, and this included the Girl’s Hostel, Swimming Pool and the ILS Hill, unperturbed by the difficulty of the clues, each team ran throughout the campus successfully collecting the clues from different clue stations set up throughout. The team of Junaid Lirani, Sanyam Khare and Deeksha of V B.S.L.,LL.B. emerged as the winners of  the event. The last event for the day was a splendid band performance by “Misree,” who came to perform for the festival.

DAY 2: The second day was themed as “Haal-e-dil day,” where one had to wear a colour according to one’s  relationship status. The day started with “Literati,” an event for budding writers and poets in where participants came in and presented their creations in front of the panel of judges. Saloni Bhambi of II year B.A.,LL.B. won the literati event. The day continued with the preliminary round of the “Quiz Competition,” where the General Knowledge of the students was put to test. The third event for the day was “Bhavyami,” the first of a kind pure Classical Dance Competition. At the end of the day Arati Ranade of V B.S.L., LL.B. was declared as the winner. It was soon followed by “Raga,” the singing competition of the college, where the participants entertained the crowd with their melodious voices which was won by Priyank Priyadarshini of the I B.A.,LL.B.  The next event lined up for the day was “Mr. and Ms. Legalease” where knowledge of the participants was tested. Mr. Bhavya Shah of I B.A.,LL.B. was chosen as Mr. Legal Ease and Ms. Vriti Soni IV B.S.L.,LL.B. as  Ms. Legal Ease. Simultaneously, a separate event “ILS Talkies” took place in which a movie was screened for the students. On popular demand, the movie, “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara” was screened in front of a packed classroom. The second day ended with “Thirkan,”a dance competition, where the college crowd was thoroughly entertained with the amazing dance performances put up by the participants. Vriti Soni of IV BA LLB was declared the winner of Thirkan.

DAY 3: The third day of the festival was themed as “Signature Day,” where everyone had to put on white clothes which were to be signed by their friends and colleagues.  The day started with the Final Round of the Quiz competition, which was won by Keyur of the I LL.B. This was followed by “Funtakshari” which was a mixture of fun events and Antakshari. The next event was an out of campus event named “Sell me if You Can.”  This was a first of its kind event, wherein the participants had to sell random things to strangers and the team that earned the most, was to be declared the winner. Sarthak Dhingra and Ruturaj Kadam of IV B.A., LL.B. were declared the winners. The next event lined up was the Human Tic Tac Toe, which was the human version of the popular X and O game. This was followed by “Fashion Show,” one of the most electric events of the college, which raised the glamour quotient for the college students. The last event of the day was an emotional one “Annual Gathering” being a part of it. The annual gathering included dance performances by the final year batches, the Girls’ Hostel and Aadhya, the dance group of the college. This was followed by the mesmerising performance by Vidhi, the College Band. The batch videos were played which refreshed the nostalgic memories of the final year batches. A gathering at the main gate of the college was witnessed to a fire cracker show arranged outside the gate.

DAY 4: The final day was the “Traditional Day,” wherein all the people in college, be it students or teachers, dressed in their traditional attire. The day started with the beats of dhol-tasha in the morning. This marked the start of the annual cultural rally, wherein The Constitution of India was respectfully placed in a palkhi and was carried to the Laxmi building where it was worshipped and a Tilak ceremony was performed by the Faculty of ILS Law College. 

The event received an assistance of various sponsors like the Cyrus Poonawala Group, Syndicate Bank, Chaat Bazaar, Aaoji Khaaoji and many more. These sponsors had set up their stalls and food stations in the campus. Popular internship provider “Internshala” too joined in the festivities. The whole festival was covered exclusively by Campus Times Pune              


Student Coordinator: Aishwarya Wakhare (V B.S.L., LL.B.).
We, at ILS Cultural Cell, strive for overall personality development of students through various activities. Students are given a chance to explore various extra-curricular activities, competitions, where they get a platform to showcase their talent in various cultural fests.

Activities and Competitions

  1. Suman Karandak (Natya vachan Spardha) : This was the 33rd year of the competition, preliminary round of which was held on 19th July, 2017 and the final round took place on 22nd July, 2017. We had an opportunity to send two plays to this competition: ‘Bhaan’ and ‘Mithi,’ in which lead actor was Arnav Kmble and the process in charge was Aishwarya Wakhre (V B.S.L.,LL.B.).The play was written by Shubham Gade.
  2. Purushottam Karandak One Act Play : It is considered as the most prestigious One Act Play Competition at collegiate level in Maharashtra. The competition took place on 18th August, 2017. Our college this year performed a play named ‘6×8′(Saha by Aatt), which showcased the struggle of a single mother who runs a ‘chai tapri’ which shut down due to a ridiculous illegal banner put in front of her shop. Aishwarya Wakhre of V B.S.L.,LL.B. was the lead actor and Nrupal Dingarkar of IV B.A.,LL.B. was the process In-charge. The play was written and directed by Shubham Gade. 
  3. Cy-Fi Karandak-Prasang Natya Spardha : This is a unique competition in the Pune Cultural Circuit. A unique blend of improvisation based on topics of cyber world, three topics were given to the team. The competition took place on 14th September, 2017.Aishwarya Wakhare (V BSL LLB), Shubham Gade (IV BALLB) and Nrupal Dingankar (IV BALLB) lead the team. Our college reached into the finals and the team was appreciated for its unique ideas, stage presence and the acting department.
  4. Dajikaka Gadgil One Act Play Competiton : Our college once again performed the play ‘6×8’ which was held on 24th September, 2017. It was a strong presentation of the current issues regarding the flexculture.The play was appreciated for its honesty and ofcourse the strong performances by the team. Aishwarya Wakhre (V B.S.L.,LL.B.) was the lead actor while Nrupal Dingarkar (IV B.A.,LL.B.) was the process in-charge. The play was written and directed by Shubham Gade.
  5. Sarpotdar Karandak Prasang Natya Spardha : This was the 25th year of the competiton. Another competiton which is based on improvisations. Our college performed with 2 teams of seven and both the teams were applauded for their performances and the humorous touch that they brought in.
  6. Firodiya Karandak One Act Play competition : This competition being a prestigious one asks the team to present a movie on stage. Everything that is performed on stage is live, i.e, drama, music, art and dance all together. Aishwarya Wakhre (V B.S.L.,LL.B.) was the lead actor while Nrupal Dingarkar (IV B.A.,LL.B.) was the process in-charge. The play was written and directed by Shubham Gade.
  7. Street play Competition : This was the first time that ILS participated at State Level Street Play Competition. Although, being the first-timers, yet, the college garnered lots of critical acclaims and missed the finals by just one rank.

Prizes Won: This year, our college performed a play called ‘Aashadh’ which beautifully showcased the two mainstream cultures of Maharashtra; ‘Varkari’ and the ‘Lavni’ culture. Our college got selected into the Top 15and bagged 7 laurels along the way, a list of which is given below.

  1. Dheeraj Raghunandan and Dhiraj Revatkar of II B.A.,LL.B. got first prizefor their amazing work at playing Harmonium.
  2. Shirish Kamble of II B.A.,LL.B.grabbed a two wins for his Paper Flip Activityand his Canvas Painting.It is after many years that a single individual has won twoindividual awards in
  3. Kimaya Page, Bhakti Maheshwari from I B.A.,LL.B., Pooja Patil and Aishwarya Wakhare from III B.A.,LL.B. and V B.S.L.,LL.B. respectively won the runners-up prize for their amazing Lavni
  4. Pruthviraj Kolhatkarfrom II B.A.,LL.B.stood thirdfor his beautiful work in String Art
  5. The team stood secondin the folk dance category. The college performed ‘Dindi, a dance form which can be seen during the month of July when the Palkiis taken to The choreography was looked over by Dheeraj Raghunandanand later a finishing touch was given by Dhiraj Revatkar, Pruthviraj Kolhatkar and Shubham Gade.
  6. Aishwarya Wakharewon a consolation for her Actingwhich led to the college covering all the sections i.e, Music, Dance, Painting, Activity and Acting with prizes each. The play was written and directed by Shubham Gade(IV B.A., LL.B.).

Aahwaan :
Student Coordinators: Kritika Shekhawat, Shubhangi Agarwal, Sakshi Shivhare, Vanika Sinha, and Urjitah Srikanth (V  B.S.L.,LL.B.), Apurva Shelke and Rishabh Chandak (IV  B.A.,LL.B.) and Tanay Taare (III  B.A.,LL.B.).The Intra-College Drama Competition, Aahwaan, was held on 22nd February, 2018. Aahwaan, provides a platform for the students to portray their theatrical prowess. It aims at recognizing, developing and providing an impetus to the students’ talents in the field of theatre. 

The competition witnessed a total of 5 plays. The plays – “Ek tha Armaan,” “Daastan-e-soz,” “Natak Neeti,” “Lukka Chuppi,” and “Panta Katha,” were all very well received by a large and energetic audience. The plays were a product of a lot of hard work and creativity on the part of the participants. The event, completed with wonderful performances by the ILS Dance group Aadhya and the ILS Band Vidhi was hugely successful.

Aahwaan 2018 was judged by Mr. Prem Gowda, and Mr. Ashwin Sharma from Swatantra Theater, and Mr. Abhineet Pange. All three of them being well established in the field of drama and theatre, provided valuable inputs for the contestants.

Tanvi Dabir and Namit Muthiyan from V B.S.L.,LL.B. were the hosts for the evening. The whole event was covered by Shrikant Sali and Saumya Rajput. Nrupal Dingankar (IV B.A.,LL.B.) managed the light and sound during the event. Shubhangi Agarwal (B.S.L.,LL.B.) delivered the vote of thanks and concluded the event. The contribution of a volunteer body of over 50 students from all batches was indispensable to the smooth execution of the programme.

This year, Inspire Academy was the Title Sponsor for Aahwaan. The event was also sponsored by Burger King, Pizza Hut, Little Italy, OooLaLa, Austin 40, Himalaya, Mad Over Donuts, Pardon my French, Pop Tate’s, and Virtual Game Room. Pardon my French provided refreshments and IDIA volunteers conducted games and other activities for everyone present at the event throughout the day.

Awards Presented

  1. Best Play – Natak Neeti
  2. Runner Up – Lukka Chuppi
  3. Best Script – Shrenik Mutha, Dastan-e- soz
  4. Best Director – Aavish Kant, Natak Neeti
  5. Best Actor – Shrenik Mutha, Dastan-e- soz
  6. Best Actress –Rich Sati, Panta Katha
  7. Best Supporting Actor – Raghav Sharma, Natak Neeti
  8. Best Supporting Actress – Sakshi Bumb, Lukka Chuppi