ILS Debating Society

A Legal Professional should essentially be able to form, evaluate, and appreciate arguments and the training for this must begin at a formative stage when one is a student of Law. It is conventionally believed that a good debater can become a good legal professional. While classroom debates and discussions make one understand and assimilate various theories and concepts in the curriculum, competitive debates expand students’ knowledge base and help them acquire the skills of forming relevant arguments and presenting them on stage.

Keeping this in mind ILS Law College has established the ILS Debating Society that promotes competitive debating and mentors students for it. Debating in English as well as Marathi is promoted through the Debating Society. Debating Society hosts the prestigious Justice V.M. Tarkunde Memorial National Parliamentary Debate Competition and a state level Marathi Debate Competition every year. Students mentored by the Society participate and win various national and state level debate competitions.

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Dr. Ashish Pawar
  • Ms Mugdha Hedau