ILS Literary Club

Whatever one’s vocation, reading and discussing good literature is something that makes one a mature human being. Literary pieces are the works of art with multifold interpretations, so the more you read and discuss, the more you understand them. This not only gives one a new insight into the text as well as life, but also sharpens one’s analytical and critical skills. Keeping this in mind, in the academic year 2017-18, we decided to start a Literary Club in ILS Law College.

ILS Literary Club is a platform where students get together and discuss literary works. There is neither language barrier nor a barrier of the form. Whether it is Urdu poetry, English Novels, or Marathi plays, anything and everything can be discussed. Discussions are based on themes, characters, or multiple interpretations. Discussions sessions are held weekly and a work of art for the week is announced well in advance. A typical session includes a brief introduction of the work, reading of relevant parts followed by a discussion on it.

ILS Literary Club is active on social media platforms like Instagram too!

Faculty Coordinators:

  1. Mr. Ashish Pawar
  2. Ms. Sneha Bapat


ILS Literary Club – 2022-23