ILS National Alternate Judgment Writing Competition


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The Second ILS National Alternate Judgment Writing Competition 2015-16

ILS Law College invites teams to participate in the Second ILS National Alternate Judgment Writing Competition 2015-16.

The competition involves writing another judgment (as alternative) to an original judgment provided for analysis. The alternate judgment need not disagree with the conclusion or order in the original judgment. The judgment for the competition is the Order of the Supreme Court of India in D.K. Aruna v. Sate of Telangana [Writ Petition No. 512/2015] decided on 7 August 2015.


Any Law College or Law University can send only one entry.

The team of student researchers shall consist of 3 members. The student authors of the alternate judgment shall be pursuing the 5-year or 3-year law course.

The Competition

The competition will have two rounds:

First Round – All alternate judgments received will be assessed, and 5 will be selected for the second round. Each of the 3 members of the teams shall author any two of the below mentioned parts of the judgement:

  1. Relevant Legislations
  2. Position in other jurisdictions
  3. The arguments of the petitioner;
  4. The arguments of the respondents;
  5. Issues
  6. Reasoning of the court

The members shall specify which parts have been authored by them in their entries.

Second Round – 5 selected teams shall make oral presentations of their drafts in the ILS Law College, before a distinguished panel of jury. By draw of lots the roles of the team members can be switched. This is done to assess team-work and a thorough understanding of the judgement by all team members.

The selected teams will be informed by 1st week of February 2016. The teams shall be given a reasonable period of time to prepare for oral presentations.

The Alternate judgment

The subject of the alternate judgment writing is the Supreme Court order in D.K. Aruna v. Sate of Telangana and ors [Writ Petition No. 512/2015]. Click here for a copy of the order. Click here for further details of the order;

The alternate judgment shall be submitted as follows:

  • Language- English
  • Word limit – 4000 words (including foot notes)
  • Format – MSWord
  • Font – Times New Roman
  • Font size- 12 for text, 10 for footnotes
  • Page numbers – bottom center
  • A cover page stating the name of the competition, the name of your institution and the names of student authors, with the signatures of each student author
  • The alternate judgment shall begin on the next page.
  • Do not state any matter in the alternate judgment (except the cover page) that might reveal your identity or of your institution.


Statement of facts 20 Marks
Statement of rival contentions and framing of issues 40 Marks
Citing of relevant laws viz. case-law, statutes, positon in other jurisdictions and opinions of jurists 40 Marks
Critical analysis and problematizing the judgment and analytical reasoning 40 Marks
Presentation, style, clarity, appearance, and over-all impression 10 Marks
Oral Presentation 100 Marks
Total 200 Marks


To register for the competition

  • Prepare and print the alternate judgment
  • Pay registration fees of Rs.500/- by Demand Draft drawn on a nationalized bank in favor of ‘Principal, ILS Law College’
  • Prepare a covering letter by typing in Bold the Title of the Competition as Subject. This letter shall contain the details of the Student Researchers of the team and should be signed by the Head of the Institution or Department, stating
    • the name of your institution,
    • email and local address of your institution
    • names, emails, mobile / telephone numbers of each student author,
    • Photographs and signatures of each student author.
  • Post the copy of the alternate judgment, Demand Draft and covering letter to the following address: Principal, [in the care of Centre for Public Law], ILS Law College, Law College Road (Chiplunkar Road), Pune 411004, Maharashtra State, India.
  • Also send a Scanned Copy of your DD and a soft copy of your alternate judgment in MSWord format by email to [email protected], with “Second Alternate Judgment 2016” in the subject of the mail.
  • The Printed and Soft Copy of the Draft of the Alternate judgment and DD of Rs. 500/- must reach us on or before 1 December 2015.


Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Trust is pleased to provide the financial assistance for this competition. The prizes are as follows:

First Prize Rs. 10,000
Second Prize Rs.   8,000
Third Prize Rs.   5,000


Email: [email protected]

Student Coordinators:
Aishwarya Gupta 0 88065 16757
Gauri Shidhaye 0 99202 65547
Manav Mutneja 0 86980 63435
Akrity Abhilasha  0 95617 80236

Faculty-coordinator: Dr. Sanjay Jain [email protected]