IPR Cell 2016-17

Faculty In-charge – Dr. Suvarna Nilakh

Student Coordinators:- Ritvik Kulkarni, Yojit Pareek, Tishita Mukherjee, Devika Vasandani, Pranita Saboo, Chaitanya Reddy.

The Intellectual Property Rights Cell was founded in the year 2013. It was founded with the aim of fueling discussions among students and faculty members on the law of intellectual property. Like every year, the student coordinator of the cell conducted all the Cell activities in a systematic manner. The day, time and venue for the regular sessions have been fixed and followed religiously for the sake of certainty and to avoid any kind of confusion among students. The sessions were held on every Thursday at 1:45 pm at Hall No.13, Laxmi Building. The cell has a robust information system as every activity of the cell is notified to students through its official e-mail, Facebook page update, notice boards and announcements.

The Cell witnessed weekly sessions by students on numerous issues related to the world of Intellectual Property Law. These ranged from basic concepts, the intricacies of interpretation, the elusive drafting of the IP legislations etc. on the one hand to the emerging concepts and the proposed developments in the IP law regime on the other. Further, a few special sessions were organized by the cell wherein experts were called to present on the contemporary topics which included a session by Ms. Olivia Balack (The Hague, Netherlands) on “EU laws with special reference to Brexit”.

Below is an account of this year’s weekly sessions:-

Sr No. Title Name of the Resource Person/Presenter
1 Brief Recap and general discussion about IPRs. Ritvik M. Kulkarni (V BSL.LL.B)
2 To Sue or Not to Sue – A Jurisdiction question Ritvik M. Kulkarni (V BSL.LL.B)
3 Arbitrability of IP disputes Chaitanya Reddy (III BA.LL.B)
4 Monsanto Issue Pranita Saboo (III BA.LL.B)
5 Orientation on IP Themes for Research Papers Ritvik M. Kulkarni, (V BSL.LL.B)
Chaitanya Reddy, Asmit Agarwal, Umang Kapoor & Pranita Saboo (all III BA.LL.B)
6 The basic principles of Patent law and Practice Medha Rao (V BSL.LL.B)
7 Basics of Trademark law – Indian Jurisprudence H.B. Keshava (II Year LL.M.)
8 Basics of Copyright law Ritvik M. Kulkarni (V BSL.LL.B) and Pranita Saboo (III BA.LL.B)

This year members of IPR Cell organized the “Remembering S.P Sathe” event which included:- a National Moot Court Competition, Public Memorial Lecture and a National Conference.