IPR Report 2014-15

Faculty co-ordinator – Ms. Suvarna S. Nilakh
Student Co-ordinators – Shashank Mangal, Chaitrika Patki and Raj Agrawal (all V BSL.LL.B)

This year the student coordinators of the Cell conducted all the Cell activities in a systematic manner. The day, time and venue for the regular sessions have been fixed and followed religiously for the sake of certainty and to avoid any kind of confusion among students. The sessions are held on every Thursday at 1.45 pm at Hall No.16, Laxmi Building. The Cell has a robust information system as every activity of the cell is notified to students through its official e-mail, Facebook Page updates, notice boards and announcements.

The Cell witnessed weekly sessions by students on a host of issues related to the world of Intellectual Property Law. These ranged from basic concepts, the intricacies of interpretation, the elusive drafting of the IP legislation etc. on the one hand to the emerging conflicts and proposed developments in the IP law regime on the other. Further, a few special sessions were organized by the Cell wherein experts were called to present on contemporary topics which included a session by Adv. Arpit Ratan, Partner ARP Associates on ‘Legal Writing’ and Mr. D.P. Vaidya, Partner At LKS, Pune on ‘IPR as a Career Option.’
Students made presentations on these topics – ‘IPR Fusion’ ( Sonali Bhardwaj, IV BSL), ‘John Doe Orders’ and ‘National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority’ (Shashank Mangal, V BSL) , Remakes In Bollywood ( A.L. Parashuram, V BSL), ‘Trademark Registration’ and ‘Non-Conventional Trademarks’ (Kamlesh Mali, IV BSL), ‘Micromax-Ericson SEP Case’( Akash R. Katawati, IV BSL), ‘Evolution of Copyright Law in India’ ( Yojit Pareek, III BSL), ‘Interpretation of S.3 (d) of the Indian Patents Act, 1970’ (Radhika Gupta, V BSL), ‘Plant Varieties and Protection’, (Chaitrika S. Patki, V BSL), ‘Liability of Intermediaries’, (Kabir Sagar Ghosh, V BSL), ‘Patents of Addition’ ( Daksha Chouksey, IV BSL), ‘Compulsory Licensing’, (Gunsaheb Singh, IV BSL), and ‘Rights of Tatoo Artist’ (Chaitanya Reddy, I BSL).
Besides this, the Cell has also started receiving requests for assistance from the teams representing the college in National Moots based on IPR Law.

The first week of February i.e. 2nd to 7th was celebrated by the Cell as IPR week.
The last and final session of the Cell for the academic year 2014-15 was conducted on 5th March 2015.

IPR WEEK, 2nd – 7th February 2015
Faculty Co-ordinator – Dr. Nilima Bhadbhade and Ms. Suvarna S. Nilakh

Day and Date Session Speaker Topic
Day 1: 2nd February 2015 Session I Mr. Abhishek Sahay (Assistant Director, Center for Innovation, Science and Tech. Commercialization, FICCI) Innovation, Technology and Commercialization
Day 2: 3rd February 2015 IP Debate Total 32 students participated in this competition.
Winners : 1st Prize – Aayush Agarwal,V B.S.L. LL.B
2nd Prize – Shirly Thomas III LL.B
  1. Is plain-packaging the way for de-addiction?
  2. Whether Criminal Sanctions are justified for Copyright Infringement?
  3. Whether infringement matters to big players?
Day 3: 4th February 2015 Session II C.A. Ameya Kunte (Founding Partner Taxsutra, Pune) ‘Interface of IP and Tax’
Day 4: 5th February 2015 Session III Adv. Anushree Rauta (Senior Associate, Naik Naik & Co.) ‘Celebrity Rights Management’
Day 5: 6th February 2015 Session IV Dr. Mohan Dewan (Managing Partner, R.K. Dewan & Co.) ‘Patents in Drugs’
Day 6 Session Adv. Ashutosh Kane(Partner) ‘Trademarks and Passing
7th February 2015 V W.S. Kane & Co. Mumbai) off action”
Day 6: 7th February 2015 Session VI Mr. Dominic D’Souza (Vice President-Legal, ZEE Entertainment Ltd.) ‘Transacting IP in Entertainment Industry’