Legal AID Center -2015-16

Faculty Co-ordinators –

  1. Principal Vaijayanti Joshi
  2. Suvarna Shailesh Nilakh

The Legal Aid Centre started functioning from August 2015. The Centre works for four days in a week i.e. Monday to Thursday from 12 am to 1 pm.
The activities of the Centre are categorized as follows :

  • (A)  Legal Aid Meetings
  • (B)Legal Literacy Camps
  • (C)Legal Aid to poor & needy
  • (D)Para Legal Training Workshops
  • (E)Preparation of reading material

  • (A)  Legal Aid Meetings :

  • From Monday to Thursday, meetings were held by the faculty and students who have volunteered to work under the Centre. Accordingly, faculty members & classes are divided. In the meetings, legal aid issues and laws are discussed. Preparations are made for the camps and workshops to be conducted.

  • (B)  Legal Literacy Camps / Workshops :

  • This year, the faculty members & students have conducted 11 legal literacy camps. Details are as follows:-

    1. Legal Literacy Camp at Community Hall near Ramkrishna Math, Dandekar bridge, Pune on 28thAugust 2015.
    2. This camp was organized at Community Hall near Ramkrishna Math, Dandekar bridge, Pune on 28. 8. 2015 in collaboration with Family Counselling Center, Karve Institute of Social Service. Ms.Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Mr.K. S. Waghmare and Mr. D. P.  Kendre organized and  participated in the camp. Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar briefed the participants about the Legal Aid Center of ILS Law College and its working. She also gave information on law relating to domestic  violence. Mr. K.S Waghmare  gave information on right to education including constitutional provisions. Shri D.P. Kendre spoke on Right to Information.
      The students spoke on the following topics:

      1. Anis Mulla : How to report a crime?
      2. Madhumita : Information about divorce laws.
      3. Adwaita : The Dowry Prohibition Act ,1961.

      The students performed a skit on rights of the women. This skit was directed by Pawan Panchal (II LL.B). 10 students from II LL.B participated in the camp. Counsellor Supriya Bendkhale and Prof Shinde, Director of Family Counselling Centre also addressed the participants.

    3. Legal Literacy Camp at Family Welfare Centre, Deep Griha Society, Tadiwala road on 10thSeptember 2015
    4. 7 students of LL.M  I year  and 14 students of LL.M II year  participated in the legal aid camp organised  by Ms. Priya Sondhi,  on 10th  September, 2015 at Deepa Griha Society’s, Family Welfare Centre at Tadiwala Road, Pune. The purpose of legal aid programme was to focus and to educate the women of low income group. Skits and speeches focused on child marriage, domestic violence and new education policy.

    5. Legal Literacy Camp at Dapodi on 15thSeptember 2015
    6. This Camp was orgnaised at Dapodi,  Pune on 15th September 2015 in collaboration with Karve Institute of Social Service at Bahujan Hitay Pune Chapter. Counsellor Supriya Bendkhule was present for this camp. The faculty and students  guided the audience on various topics.

      Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar gave information about the Legal Aid Centre at  ILS Law College and prevention of sexual harassment of women at work place. Mr. K. S. Waghmare spoke about Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Mr. D. P. Kendre discussed the Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Vikram Patil (II LLB) enlightened the audience about the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The students presented a street play on the topics of domestic violence, dowry prohibition, physical and mental harassment of women etc.  80-90 women were present during this camp.

    7. Legal literacy Camp, at the old age home “Matoshree” on 7thNovember 2015.
    8. A legal aid camp was organized at the old age home ‘Mathoshree’ at Pune on 7 Nov 2015. Ms. Laxmi Paranjape Advocate, Ms. Rajalaxmi Joshi and Mr. Amol Jadhav, student of 3rd year LL.B. spoke to the senior citizens on different legal issues like partition of coparcenary property, pending court cases etc.

      Ms. Laxmi Paranjape addressed the group of senior citizens on the topic of how to make a will, requirements of registration, who can make a will? etc.

    9. Campaign against Domestic Violence in association with Bahujan Hitaya on 7th December 2015.
    10. Ms.Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Mr.K. S. Waghmare and Mr. D. P. Kendre participated in this campaign in association with Bahujan Hitaya. Mrs. Vishakha Trisharan and Mr.Santosh Walke were also present. The objectives of this campaign were:-

      • To spread knowledge about various laws relating to women.
      • To discuss the implementation process of the Domestic Violence  Act, 2005.
      • To give information  about the family counseling and legal support center.

      Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar spoke about human rights of women. Mr. D. P. Kendre gave information about legal aid. Mr. K.S. Waghmare enlightened the audience about the right to education and its importance. Ms. Shashwati Diksha discussed various provisions of Indian Penal Code, 1860 relating to women. Around 65 women participated in this program.

    11. Legal Literacy Camp at Walak, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune on 8thJanuary 2016.
    12. A legal aid camp was organized at Walak, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune in association with Disha, an NGO.  Shri. K.S. Waghmare, faculty at ILS Law College, organized and participated in the camp. 16 students of II LL.B and V BSL. LL.B participated in the camp. The students performed a street play on “Rights of Women.” Shri. K.S. Waghmare delivered a speech on Right to Education. Around 100 people from nearby villages attended the camp.

    13. Legal Literacy Camp at Deepgriha, Market Yard, Pune on 19thJanuary 2016
    14. This camp was organized by the faculty Dr. Deepa Paturkar. She spoke on the objectives of legal aid centre, its history and services rendered. She delivered a lecture on “rights of maintenance”. This camp  was conducted on the occasion of Makar sankranti  Haldi Kumkum Ceremony and more that 50 women were present at the Camp.  14 students participated in the camp.  They performed a skit which enlightened the audience about Domestic violence, Dowry Prohibition, Pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Prevention and Control Act.

    15. Legal Literacy Camp at Belawade village on 29thJanuary 2016
    16. A legal literacy camp was organized and conducted by the students of LLB under the guidance of and Ms. Aishwarya Kadam and Ms. Kashmira Lonkar in association with the Gram Panchayat of Belawade. After prior discussions with the rural folks and keeping in mind the peculiar problems were faced, the faculty and a group of 15 students planned accordingly. Considering the demands of the villagers, speeches were prepared by the students. These speeches focused on the legal aspects in the common issues such as PC & PNDT, Domestic Violence, CrPC S.125, 7/12 extract, arrest of women. To enlighten the people students also presented a song for farmers and a poem on female feticide. A skit was also performed which was based on the issues such as consumer protection, domestic violence, bigamy, dowry prohibition and forced abortion. The program concluded with a very interactive question answer session.

      Apart from the assistance of Professors, student coordinator Amol Jadhav played a vital role organizing the camp.

    17. Legal Literacy Camp at Family Welfare Centre, Deep Griha Society, Tadiwala road on 24thFebruary 2016
    18. This camp was conducted under the guidance of the faculty Dr. Banu Vasudevan and Ms. Maithili Sane. The legal issues with respect to Right to Information, Right To Education, Domestic Violence Act were demonstrated through posters, skits and street plays by total 16 students.  Dr. Banu Vasudevan and Ms. Maithili Sane also delivered lectures on these issues.

    19. Legal Literacy Camp at Pashan in collaboration with family planning association of India, Pune on 3rdMarch 2016
    20. The legal aid camp was organized in collaboration with Family Planning Association of India, Pune. Ms. Mangla Kamble, field coordinator and Maya Gaadbiye, field worker were present for this camp. It was organized at Primary Health Centre, Pashan on 3rd March 2016. Following faculty members delivered talk at the Camp –

      1. K. S. Waghmare – The Legal Services Authority Act, 1986
      2. Ujjwala Sakhalkar – The Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and the prevention of sexual harassament at work place.
      3. D. P. Kendre – Manodhairya scheme.

      Students presented a skit on domestic violence again women.

    21. Legal Literacy Camp in association with Deep Griha Society, Tadiwala road at Empress Garden, on 11thMarch 2016

    23 students of LL.M Sem II  and one student , IInd B.A.LL.B. participated in the legal aid camp  organized by Mrs. Priya Sondhi,  on 11th March , 2016 at Deepa Griha Societys Women’s Day celebration at Empress Garden. Skits were performed and speeches given on the following issues: alcoholism and domestic violence, financial cruelty to married women, emotional cruelty to married women, sexual abuse of minor wife, police harassment in suicide cases, widows right to succession, rioting, public nuisance and rights of rape victim.

  • (C)  Legal Aid to poor & needy :

  • In this academic year, around 75 cases were dealt with by the faculty & others.
    Majority of cases have come to the Centre for consultation, counselling and negotiation.


  • A two- day para-legal training programme was organized for community leaders on 4th and 25th    Feb 2016 in collaboration with Bahujan Hitaya, Pune Project at Gulab Nagar, Dapodi. Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar coordinated and organized this program.

     Mrs. Kamal Gaikwad, Mrs. Sushila Kadlak., Mrs. Vishakha Trisharan, Mr. Santosh Walke, Ms. Manisha Barge, Mrs. Shashikala Balsure of Jeevak Trust were present during the training programme. Smt. Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Shri. K.S Waghmare, Shri D.P.  Kendre, Dr. Deepa Paturkar, Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar conducted the training programme. The Basic objective of the Training Programme was to develop the community leaders as para-legal volunteers and equip them with skills and laws.

    The Programme was inaugurated and Smt. Ujjwala Sakhalkar gave an overview of the training programme stressing on the role of para legal volunteers in the community. She also stressed on developing various skills and potential building which will help the participants volunteering in the community. She pointed out several issues like gender discrimination, lack of legal awareness, basic human rights violations where the participants can play major role. Shri. K.S waghmare discussed  about the Legal Service Authority Act and Shri D.P Kendre discussed the relevant articles of the Indian Constitution and the landmark Supreme Court judgments relating to women’s rights.

    On 25th Feb 2016, Dr. Deepa Paturkar briefed the participatns on laws relating to divorce and maintenance. Dr Tejasvini Malegaonkar spoke on the laws relating to sexual harassment of women at workplace and dowry prohibition laws. Shri K S waghmare spoke on domestic violence and remedies availavle to women. Mr. D P kendre gave information about functioning of permanent lok adalat.

    During the entire training programme several issues and questions raised by the participants were addressed by the trainers.  The training programme was concluded with feedback from the participants.

  • E)  Preparation of reading material

As a part of legal aid activity, this year faculty members prepared reading material on various toipics such as:-

  1.  Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray prepared a draft manual on Right to information in Marathi.
  2.  Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar prepared a draft manual and posters on the Maitenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen’s Act, 2007 in Marathi.
  3.  Mr. Santosh Jaybhay prepared a reading material on 7/12 extracts.
  4.  Ms. Suvarna S Nilakh and Saranya Mishra prepared a draft manual and posters on Noise Pollution Rules.

Sonali Jadhav prepared posters on Eve-teasing.

  • Legal Aid Clinics :

The Legal Aid Centre of the College has following 3 legal aid clinics which, from time to time, are attended by the faculty & students:

  1. Deepgriha – Tadiwala Raod (Mr. Dnyaneshwar Kendre and Ms. Kashmira Lonkar)
  2. Deepgriha – Market Yard (Dr. Deepa Paturkar)
  3. Karve Institute of Social Service (Mr. K.S. Waghmare & Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar)
  • Centre’s Community Links :

The Centre conducts most of its activities in association / co-ordination with NGOs / Clubs / Institutions / Police, etc. The Centre has developed links with the following:

  1. Disha, NGO.
  2. Deepgriha, NGO.
  3. Ashta-no-kai, NGO.
  4. P. Naik Mahila Vikasani, NGO.
  5. Saheli, NGO.
  6. Karve Institute of Social Service, Karvenagar.
  7. Bahujan Hitay, Pune Project.
  • Legal Aid Awards :

This year, the following legal aid awards / prizes were given:

  1. Professor S.P. Sathe Legal Aid Award to Amol Jadhav, III LLB
  2. Raghavendra Phadnis Legal Aid Award to Akshay Unde, LL.M II Year
  3. Certificate of Appreciation to Amruta Sathe, LL.M II Year
  • Faculty involved :

Mr. K.S. Waghmare, Dr. Nilima Bhadbhade, Dr. Sanjay Jain, Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray, Dr. Deepa Paturkar, Mr. Santosh Jaybhay, Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar, Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Ms. Sonali Jadhav, Mr. D.P. Kendre, Ms. Priya Sondhi, Dr. Banu Vasudevan, Ms.  Rajlaxmi Joshi, Ms. Aishwarya Kadam, Ms. Kashmira Lonkar and Ms. Maithili Sane.

  • Assistance from Alumni :

Our alumni, Mr. Ravi Prakash Sharma, Advocate, Supreme Court, Mr. Devdatta Kamat, Advocate, Supreme Court , Mr. Hrishikesh Ganu, Advocate, Mr. Shailendra Kanetkar, Advocate, Bombay High Court, Mr. Nitin Apte-Advocate, Mr. Pritesh Deshpande, Advocate, Mr. Arpit Ratan, Advocate, and Ms. Vishakha Atre, Advocate, assisted in the work of the Legal Aid Centre in various Courts.

Along with the alumni, the cases are also referred to Mr. Rohit Dangare, Advocate and Ms. Pallavi Nikam, Advocate.

Number of camps Legal Advice rendered Cases filed Para legal Programs
11 45 3 2