Legal AID Center


The Legal Aid Centre started functioning for the academic year 2012-13 from 23rd July 2012. The Centre works for 5 days a week i.e. Monday to Friday at suitable time decided. From this academic year, students from II BSL and LL.M. classes along with DTL students have started participating in the Legal Aid Centre’s Activities, besides the other senior classes.

The activities of the Centre are categorized as follows:

  • (A)Legal Aid Meetings
  • (B) Legal Literacy Camps / Workshops
  • (C)Legal Aid to poor & needy

  • (A) Legal Aid Meetings :

  • On all Mondays to Fridays, meetings are held between the faculty and students who have volunteered to work under the Centre. Accordingly, faculty members & classes are divided. In the meetings, legal aid issues / laws are discussed. Preparations are made for the camps / workshops to be conducted.

  • (B)Legal Literacy Camps / Workshops :

  • This year, the faculty members & students have conducted 12 camps. They are :

    1. Legal Aid Camp at Laxminagar on 21-08-2012

    2. A legal aid camp was organized at Laxminagar in association with the Family Counselling Centre of Karve Institute of Social Service. Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar & Mr. K.S. Waghmare, faculty at ILS Law College, organized and participated in the camp. 15 students of II B.S.L. participated in the camp. The students performed a street play on Female Foeticide and Child Labour. Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar spoke on Child Labour and Female Foeticide. Mr. K.S. Waghmare delivered a speech on Right to Education. People from slum area attended the camp.

    3. Legal Literacy Camp at Male near Mulshi on 25-08-2012

    4. This camp was organized by the faculty Mr. D.P. Kendre and Mr. K.S. Waghmare. Mr. Kendre spoke on ‘Private Forest Land’ i.e. Khajgi Van Jamini. Nandini Shahasane, a student of ILS, spoke on Domestic Violence and Law. Dr. Deshpande, a student of ILS, spoke on PCPNDT Act, 1994. Another student Mr. Rahul Dhale spoke on Property Law – 7/12 Extract. Mr. Ram Kalsai, a student of ILS, spoke on Law pertaining to Consumer Protection. Mr. K.S. Waghmare gave a lecture on Human Rights. Students also performed street play on Female Foeticide. It was followed by discussions.

      This camp was attended and participated in by III LL.B. students. Village people and Village Sarpanch attended the camp.

    5. Legal Literacy Camp at Janjagruti Seva Sanstha, Gokhale Nagar on 29-08-2012

    6. This camp was conducted under the guidance of the faculty Mrs. Sonali Jadhav, Mrs. Suvarna Nilakh, Mr. Mohit Deshmukh and Mrs. Anagha Joshi, Advocate.

      The legal issues / laws discussed were on Domestic Violence, Maintenance and Right to Information. Students performed street plays.

      The efforts of the ILS team were highly appreciated by members of the organization and the Director Ms Jayashree Kale.

    7. Legal Literacy Camp at Tambe village, Junnar District, Pune, on 11-01-2013

    8. This camp was organized by III LL.B. students under the guidance of Dr. Sanjay Jain & Mr. D.P. Kendre, faculty of ILS. Students performed street plays and spoke on various legal issues and laws. They were :

      •   Hrishikesh Kamble spoke on Right to Information Act from fundamental rights perspective.
      •   Ms Madhuri Kharat, Mr. Avnish Mishra, Mr. Narayan Kanankdande, Ms Renuka Kulkarni and Ms Arohi Tanksale highlighted the importance of education as a human right with the help of street play.
      •   Dr Mahesh Deshpande informed the audience what is FIR and its importance.
      •   Mr. Shailesh Satbhai, Mr. Swapnil Jadhav, Mr. Akshi Jain, Mr. Jagdish Patil, Mr. Anish Murlidhar, Mr. Prabuddha Singh, Mr. Rahul Bharekar, Mr. Raj Patwardhan performed a street play on ‘English Winglish’ to impress the importance of English language. It was written & directed by Kumari Ranjana Bharti. Ms Prachi Sonawane spoke on Dowry Prohibition Act explaining the concept dowry and how asking and giving of  dowry  is an offence.
      •   Ms Yogita Shinde spoke on the Provisions of The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and how it gives protection to women from domestic violence.
      •   Vickrant Khandare spoke on the issue of pre-natal sex detection test & female child infanticide that has plagued the Indian society for long and the Act i.e. Pre-natal Diagnostic Technique (PNDT) Act.

      Dr. Sanjay Jain, faculty of ILS, explained the human rights problems of persons with disabilities i.e. visual disability in particular and the laws. Mr. D.P. Kendre, faculty of ILS, explained 7/12 Extract of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966. The camp was very well received by the villagers and Judge of the Junnar Court, Sarpanch, Up-Sarpanch, Police & Chairman of Bar Association of Junnar also attended this camp. It was reported in local newspapers as well.

    9. Legal Literacy Camp at J.P. Naik Mahila Vikasani, Khed Shivapur on 02-02-2013

    10. This camp was conducted by three faculty members viz. Dr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. D.P. Kendre and Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar with the help of 32 students of III LL.B. Various legal aid issues / laws discussed by students were as follows :

      •  Mohan Jawale spoke on the Rights of the Consumers and Law.
      •  Ms Nandini Shahasane explained the protection of women from domestic violence under the Act i.e. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.
      •  Mr Sujit Alhat explained to women on ‘Will Making’ and rights under Indian Succession Act.
      •  Students Ms Madhuri Kharat, Mr. Deepak Khankare, Ms Vaidehi Rakshe, Ms Akshi Jain, Mr. Swapnil Jadhav, Mr. Raj Patwardhan, Mr.     Rohit  Bharekar, Ms Prachi Sonawane & Mr. Rohit Pingale performed the play ‘Mala Uttar Dya’ which was written & directed by Kumari  Ranjana Bharti. After 4 speeches, a play was presented on the topic Pre-natal sex detection test and girl child infanticide i.e. ‘Mulgi Vachwa Desh Vachwa’. It was written and directed by Kumari Ranjana Bharti and performed by the above stated students.
      • Sanjay Jain spoke on Property Rights of Women under the Hindu Succession Act and was assisted by Mrs. Sakshi Jain, a student.
      • D.P. Kendre spoke on Land & Women.
      • Ujjwala Sakhalkar had discussions with the women regarding their legal & personal problems. Mrs. Sakhalkar also informed them about the Legal Aid Centre.

    11. Legal Literacy Camp at Kamshet on 08-02-2013

    12. This camp was organized with the help of NGO ‘Disha’. It was attended by more than 25 women. Information pertaining to FIR, pre-natal sex detection tests, domestic violence, inheritance and succession was provided by the students from V B.S.L.LL.B. and III LL.B. students. They also performed a street play on Female Foeticide & Infanticide. Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray spoke on socio-legal aspects of ‘Will’. Mr. Santosh Jaybhay informed the participants of the working & activities of the Legal Aid Centre. Mr. D.P. Kendre spoke on laws pertaining to property and remedies available.

    13. Legal Aid Camp at Warje Malwadi on 08-02-2013

    14. A legal aid camp was organized at Warje Malwadi in association with the Karve Institute of Social Service, Karve Nagar and Family Planning Association, India, Pune Branch. Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Mr. K.S. Waghmare, Mrs. Priya Sondhi, faculty at ILS Law College, organized and participated in the camp. 14 students of II LL.B. and 2 students of LL.M. participated in the camp. The students performed a street play on Domestic Violence. Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar spoke on Rights of Accused Persons and Domestic Violence. Mr. K.S. Waghmare delivered a speech on Right to Education. Audience was from slum area. Around 70 people attended the camp.

    15. Legal Literacy Camp at Yerawada on 15-02-2013

    16. This camp was organized in association with the Inner Wheel Club of Poona Downtown with the objective to spread awareness of rights amongst the ‘Aanganwadi’ women. The camp was conducted by faculty members Mrs. Sonali Jadhav and Mrs. Suvarna Nilakh along with students from III B.S.L. LL.B. The students gave information and performed street plays on issues / laws on domestic violence, child marriage, female foeticide, divorce, sexual harassment of women and property rights of women.

      The camp ended with the discussions and both faculty members gave information on the legal remedies available.

      The students who attended the camp were Janhavi Khatavkar, Gayatri Dharmadhikari, Tapasya Parihar, Sanika Kurundwadkar, Aishwarya Bapat, Rutuja Balmore, Amruta Karkhanis, Sneha Kamble, Hanumant Kejgire, Venkatesh, Roshan Jayade, Gaurav Nagare, Kanwardeep Singh, Kavita Kumar, Shravya Paturi & Sumedha Wagholikar.

    17. Legal Aid Camp at Gosavi Vasti, Karve Nagar on 16-02-2013

    18. A legal aid camp was organized at Gosavi Vasti, Karve Nagar, in association with the Karve Institute of Social Service, Karve Nagar and Family Planning Association, India, Pune Branch. Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Mr. K.S. Waghmare and Mr. D.P. Kendre, faculty of ILS Law College, organized and participated in the camp. 12 students of I, II & III LL.B. participated in the camp. The students performed a street play on Domestic Violence and Female Foeticide. Mr. Kendre spoke on Right to Information Act and Mrs. Sakhalkar and Mr. Waghmare delivered lectures on Right to Education & Equality. Mrs. Sakhalkar also gave information about the College Legal Aid Centre. Audience was from Aangan Wadi Sevika and women from Bachat Gat. The camp was concluded with the question-answer session. Around 50 women attended the camp.

    19. Legal Literacy Camp at Vadgaon Maval on 21-02-2013

    20. This camp was also organized with ‘Disha’, NGO. In this camp, 30 LL.M. students participated. Approximately, 60 villagers women attended the camp.

      Students focused on women’s issues and their rights. They provided information on laws pertaining to Child Marriage, Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance, Property Rights of Women, and performed street plays. Dr. Bhatia spoke on problems of female foeticide and infanticide gripping the Indian Community and provisions of PCPNDT Act and Mr. Mohit Deshmukh spoke on protection to women from domestic violence under the Act. It was followed by a question-answer session.

      Dr. Bhatia and Mr. Deshmukh conducted this camp.

    21. Legal Literacy Camp at Karve Institute of Social Sciences and Phulora (NGO), Pune, in Landewadi, Pimpri Chinchwad on 08-03-2013

    22. This camp was organized by Mr. K.S. Waghmare and Mrs. Priya Sondhi, faculty at ILS, in association with the Karve Institute of Social Service, Karve Nagar. Twenty two LL.M. students participated in this workshop. The target group was girls aged 15-25 years.

      Legal issues / laws concerned with Child Marriage, Domestic Violence and Property Rights of Women were taken through speeches and street plays.

      Speeches were written by students Sneha Suman, Meera and Sonali. Scripts for street plays were written by Ajinkya Kale and Deepali Borude. Posters for the same were prepared by Geetika Jain and Ankita Shukla. The other students who also participated were Bhagyashree Gore, Prasad Dharaskar, Radhika Bansal, Maneka Sharma, Ajay Singh, Jayendra Jadhav, Abhishek Gurjar, Ashish Navandar, Subodh Gawai, Priti Shriram, Atul Patil, Swati Sharma, Kalyani Deshmukh, Akshay Pawar & Amrit Khare.

      Mrs. Priya Sondhi, Lecturer for LL.M. initiated the programme by explaining the importance of awareness of law, its implementation & importance of a culture for prevention of offences against women in family.

      Mr. K.S. Waghmare concluded the camp by speaking on Right to Education, Maintenance under S.125 of Cr.P.C. and Prevention of Sex Detection Tests.

    23. Legal Literacy Camp at Khandale, Haveli Taluka, Pune District on 16-03-2013

    This camp was organized in association with Ashta-no-kai, NGO. Dr. Deepa Paturkar and Mr. D.P. Kendre, faculty of ILS, conducted the camp along with II LL.B. students. Students Ganesh Kadam and Srushti of II LL.B. spoke on Laws pertaining to Domestic Violence & Environment Protection and impressed the target group through street plays.

    The camp ended with a question-answer session and faculty explained the working of Legal Aid Centre and its assistance to them, and also answered their querries.

  • (c) Legal Aid to poor & needy :

In this academic year, 60-70 cases were dealt with by the faculty & others.
Legal Aid Cases in the Courts :

  1. One in the Supreme Court
  2. One in the District Court

Majority of cases have come to the Centre for consultation, counseling and negotiation.
Legal Aid Clinics :
The Legal Aid Centre of the College has following 3 legal aid clinics which, from time to time, are attended by the faculty & students :

  1. Deepgriha – Tadiwala Raod (Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar & Mrs. Suvarna Nilakh)
  2. Deepgriha – Market Yard (Dr. Deepa Paturkar & Mr. K.S. Waghmare)
  3. Karve Institute of Social Service (Mr. K.S. Waghmare & Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar)

Centre’s Community Links :
The Centre conducts most of its activities in association / co-ordination with NGOs / Clubs / Institutions / Police, etc. The Centre has developed links with the following :

  1. Disha, NGO
  2. Deepgriha, NGO
  3. Ashta-no-kai, NGO
  4. P. Naik Mahila Vikasani, NGO
  5. Saheli, NGO
  6. Karve Institute of Social Service
  7. Inner Wheel Club
  8. Centre for Police Research, Pune (please see the report of Centre for Human Rights)
  9. Police Training Centre, Yerawada Prison, Pune.

Lecture series on Criminology and Victimology at Daulatrao Jadhav Turung Prashikshan School at Yerwada, Pune
In the month of September 2012 i.e. from 11th September to 1st October, a number of lectures were conducted at the Centre on ‘Criminology & Victimology’ and related issues for the Prison Police Officers.

The following Faculty members delivered the Lectures on following allotted topics:

  1. Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray, a lecture on ‘The Concept of Crime and its Historical Underpinnings’ (vaichareek parshwabhumi) on 11th September 2012.
  2. Mr. Mohit Deshmukh addressed on the Topic of ‘Juvenile delinquency’ (baal gunhegari) on 12th, 13th and 14th September 2012. He also spoke statistics of crime (gunhyanchi aakdewari) on 27th and 28th September 2012.
  3. Mr.  Santosh Jaybhay delivered lecture on ‘Prevention of Crime and Role of police’ (gunhe rokhne) on 17th and 18th September.
  4. Dr. Deepa Paturkar addressed on ‘Factors of crime causation’ ( gunhyacha karnanche ghatak) on 21st September 2012.
  5. Ms. Sonali Jadhav engaged a lecture on ‘Nature, Scope and Schools of Criminology’ (gunhyache shastra ani gunhegari shala) on 24th and 25th September 2012.
  6. Mr. K S Waghmare spoke on the Topic ‘Classification of Crimes’ (gunhyanche vishleshanatmak vargikaran) on 26th September 2012.
  7. Dr. Sita Bhatia addressed on the Topics ‘Human Rights, Indian Constitution and Prison Reforms’ on 28-09-2012 & 01-10-2012.

Dr. Sita Bhatia co-ordinated the lecture series.

A Legal Literacy Workshop at the Centre for Police Research conducted on 28-04-2012 (for details, please see the Centre for Human Rights Report).

Faculty involved :
Mr. K.S. Waghmare, Dr. Sanjay Jain, Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray, Dr. Deepa Paturkar, Mr. Santosh Jaybhay, Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar, Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Mrs. Sonali Jadhav, Mr. D.P. Kendre, Dr. Sita Bhatia, Mrs. Suvarna Nilakh and others.

Assistance from Alumni :
Alumni who assisted in the work of the Centre in Courts were Mr. Ravi Prakash Sharma-Advocate, Supreme Court, Mr. Suyash Mohan Guru-Advocate, Supreme Court, Mr. S.V. Kanetkar-Advocate, Mr. P. Narayan-Advocate, Mr. Rohit Dangare-Advocate, Mr. V.S. Atre-Advocate, Mr. Shailendra Kanetkar-Advocate, Bombay High Court, Mr. Nitin Apte-Advocate, Ms Medha Bavdekar-Advocate, Mr. Shrikant Malegaonkar-Advocate & others.

The working of the Centre is carried out with the participation of students and under the guidance of Principal Mrs. V.G. Joshi. Dr. Sita Bhatia is the faculty co-ordinator of the Legal Aid Centre.