National Conference On IPR 2017

“Remembering S. P. SATHE”
Proffessor S. P. SATHE 11th Memorial National Confernce,
2017 “Changing Contours In Intellectual Property Law “
10th -12th March 2017


Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar and Dr. Suvarna Nilakh

ILS Law College, Pune, organized the ‘Remembering Professor S. P. Sathe 11th Memorial National Conference on Changing Contours in Intellectual Property Laws’ consisting of three days of educational sessions related to Intellectual Property Rights Law. As per the schedule, the conference was held on 10-12th March, 2017.

The Conference was aimed at providing the audience an enlightening insight into the issues associated with Intellectual Property Law; its development and application in India. The idea was to throw light on the subject matter of intellectual property, the nature of law that governs it, interface with other field laws and the evolving jurisprudence in the arena. Eminent personalities associated in the field graced the Conference with their talks and presentations. Apart from the resource persons, teachers and students of ILS Law College presented papers on contemporary issues of IPRs. Ms. Sathya Narayan(Director, IALS) talked about late Professor S. P. Sathe in the beginning of the Conference.

Below is the list of resource persons and their topics:-

Sr.No. Name of the Resource Person Topic
DAY 1 : 10 March 2017
1.  Dr. Prabuddha Ganguli, CEO, Vision IPR (Keynote address) “Intellectual Property Rights: Re-contouring for the day after”
2.  Dr. Shamnad Basheer, Founder SpicyIP

(Professor  S.P Sathe 11th Memorial Lecture)

“IP Minimalism”
3.  Dr. Shamnad Basheer

Dr. Nilima Bhadbhade

Mr. Sumeet Malik

Rearguing DU Photocopy Case & (Panel Discussion)
4.  Ms. Shruti Tulpule Rearguing DU Photocopy Case(Plaintiff)
5.  Ms. Jasmine Latkar Rearguing DU Photocopy Case (Defendant)
DAY 2 : 11 March 2017
6.  Dr. Prabuddha Ganguli , CEO, Vision IPR “IP and Competition Law”
7.  Mr. Rohan K George, Partner, Samvad Partners “IP and Competition Law with specific reference to SEP”
8.   Mr. Nandan Kamath, Founder, The Law Offices of Nandan Kamath “Interface of Intellectual Property and Sports Law”
9.  Ms. Madhu Gadodia, Partner , Naik Naik & Co. “Enforcement of Copyright and Trademark:- Issues and Challenges with specific reference to Entertainment Sector”
10.  Dr. Shamnad Basheer, Founder SpicyIP “TRIPS, Patents and International Investment Arbitration”
11.  Ms. Leena Menghaney, Head-South Asia, Médecins Sans Frontières’s (MSF) “Patents and Public Health”
Day 3 : 12 March 2017
12.  Mr. V. Lakshmikumaran, Founder and Managing Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan “Interface of IP and Taxation”
13.  Hon’ble Mr. Justice S. Ravindra Bhat,Delhi High Court “IP Enforcement and Challenges before the Judiciary”
14.  Mr. Essenese Obhan, Founding partner, Obhan & Associates “Monsanto v. Seed Companies and Government&Regulations”
15.  Mr. Rajendra Kumar, Senior Partner, K & S Partners “Geographical Indication in India: Emerging Issues”
16.  Mr. V. K. Gupta, Former Chief Advisor to WIPO and UN Committee on Food and Agriculture “Protection of Traditional knowledge as Intellectual Property and its relevance in India”
17.  Mr. Ananth Padmanabhan, Associate, Carnegie India “Innovating around Copyright”
18.  Mr. Sudhir Makkar, Senior Advocate, Delhi High Court


“Rights of Commercial Free Speech and the limitations on Comparative Advertising”


List of paper presenters is as follows:-

Sr.No. Name of the Paper Presenter Title of the Paper
1.  Dr. Deepa Paturkar Assistant Professor, ILS Law College. IPR and Access to medicines : a Dichotomy
2.  Mr. D. P. Kendre Assistant Professor, ILS Law College. Copyright vis-a-vis Human Rights
3.  Dr. T. S. Malegaonkar, Assistant Professor, ILS Law College and Asmit Agarwal (III BA.LL.B.) Protection of Folklore under Indian  Copyright law
4.  Anamika Mazumdar and Naman Malik (Both IV BSL.LL.B.) Interface between Competition law and IP
5.  Soham Goswami (IV BSL.LL.B.) Reverse Payment Settlements with reference to IPR and Competition law
6.  Devika Vasandani and Tishita Mukherjee (Both IV BSL.LL.B.) Emerging jurisprudence of celebrity rights in India
7.  Ayush Chaddha and Umang Kapoor (III BA.LL.B.) IP Enforcement: Achilles heel in the Indian IP Jurisprudence
8.  Shreya Bambulkar and Renuka Mahajan (Both II BA.LL.B) Reconciling copyright with free speech
9.  Azhakath Ammu Sasidharan

(IV BSL.LL.B) and Amrutha Aravind (II LL.B.)

Legal and Socio-economic analysis of plant varieties in India
10.  Kumar Sambhav (V BSL.LL.B) Taxation of IP: The Situs Conundrum
11.  Pranita Saboo (III BA.LL.B.) Position of GMO in India in light of Monsanto controversy
12.  Chaithanya Reddy (III BA.LL.B.) and Varad Kolhe (III BA.LL.B.) Delineating the Basmati GI tussle


Along with the resource persons and paper presenters following faculty members of ILS Law College closely observed the proceedings of Conference by chairing the various sessions:-

Sr.No. Name of the Chairperson Theme of the Session
1.  Mr. Santosh Jaybhay IP Interface (Part -I)
2.  Dr. Medha Kolhatkar IP Enforcement
3.  Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray Patents and Public Health
4.  CA Ameya Kunte IP Interface (Part -II)
5.  Ms. Sathya Narayan Allied IPRs (Part-I)
6.  Ms. Swati Kulkarni Allied IPRs (Part-II)
7.  Dr. Deepa Paturkar IP and Entertainment