National Seminar on “Current Issues in Environmental Laws in India” 29 August, 2015

The Environmental Law cell of the ILS Law College, Pune organized a National Seminar on Environmental Law. The theme being “Current Issues In Environmental Laws In India”.

The seminar had plenary talks by esteemed people from the field of environment and student presentations on various topics. The talks were delivered by esteemed resource people like Dr. Madhav Gadgil (esteemed ecologist), Prof. Shyam Asolekar (Porofessor at IIT-Bombay), Mr. Neeraj Vagholikar(Kalpvriksh) and Ajay Deshpande (Expert Member, National Green Tribunal, Western Bench, Pune). Their talks mainly highlighted the current environmental law scenario in India including the working and functioning of the National Green Tribunal which was thoroughly elaborated by Dr. Ajay Deshpande and also by Mr. Vagholikar. He also emphasized on the lack of practical implementation of the environmental laws in India and the pertaining reasons behind it.

Dr. Madhav Gadgil, who truly was the hero of the Seminar, stated in his talk how lawless India has become in the case of environmental law. He also vividly showed the interested audience the true picture of the misuse of the environmental laws due to the money and muscle power and in the lieu of creation of money making factory. He also threw light on the loopholes that are currently present in the Environmental laws and how it is a necessity of the hour to identify them and change them for the betterment of the future generation. to enlighten more about the link between science and technology and environment.

Dr. Shyam Asolekar explained how environmental problems can be duly solved through the practical awareness and technological skills of science. He cited many examples of the rejuvenation of various dry lakes and ponds which had been converted into dumping grounds through proper sewage management schemes. The student speakers also spoke on various topics relating to environmental law like the compensation calculation for the victims of environmental degradation. It was a one-day seminar with around a 110 attendees from within and outside Pune.