Policy Document – Infrastructural Utilization And Maintenance

The College has established systems and procedure for maintaining and utilizing the physical, academic and support facilities, depending on the nature of the facility. Following are the details of the respective policy and facilities:

Development and maintenance of Facility:

  1. Formation of Committees: Various Committees constituting teachers and staff are formed to supervise and facilitate the usage of the facilities like: Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), College Development Committee, Library Committee, Building Committee etc. apart from supervision, these committees identify the need for updation, change, repairs etc. required in the use of a particular facility or learning resources. This is communicated to the Principal during regular faculty meetings or in person if the matter is urgent. Apart from this, two campus supervisors are appointed for ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of the campus and physical infrastructure.
  2. Approval and Sanction from the Management: The Principal being the Secretary of Indian Law Society communicates the recommendations to the management. The management accordingly gives the approval for the requisite budgetary allocation if required or a plan of action to tackle the given issue. Being an aided college, it avails and has mobilized grants for infrastructural development from University Grants Commission, Savitribai Phule Pune University and agencies like Ford Foundation.
  3. Budgetary allocation for maintenance: The College in its annual budget makes necessary provisions for expenses to maintain all its existing infrastructural facilities as well as addition of new facilities wherever warranted. Whenever there is any deficit, it is met by the parent body i.e. the Indian Law Society.
    The budget is presented to the College Development Committee and after its approval presented to the Governing Council. With recommendation of the Governing Council it is presented to the General Body, which finally approves the budgets.
    The Indian Law Society has entered into different contracts for maintenance of the following infrastructural facilities available to the students and teachers.

Utilization and accessibility of the facilities:

Most of the physical facilities and learning resources are available to all the faculty and students, like library, e-resources, legal databases etc. However, certain facilities are paid facilities available to teacher, students, staff and outsiders like Swimming Pool, Canteen, and library access to outsiders.

Following are the procedures for accessing the respective facilities:

Facility Procedure


Classrooms are used for various activities like :
Lectures: Principal and coordinator faculty fixes the timetable and schedule of classes, which allocate the
Cell and Committee meetings: Mostly these activities are conducted after the regular class timings, the
meetings and respective classrooms are fixed for a particular day for a particular committee or cell.
Classrooms are made available for other curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like Moot
Courts, other Trial Advocacy activities, seminars, guest lectures and cultural activities.

Ground and Gymkhana & Sports equipment

Faculty in charge and Gymkhana In-charge allocates the use of ground for various activities.

Library & IT facilities

Library cards are issued to the student and teachers on admission or appointment.
With access to library, even the access to ICT and IT facilities is activated by the IT team.

Gymnasium, Swimming Pool & Tennis Court

All students, teachers and staff have access to the swimming pool at concessional fees.

Hostel & Mess

Hostel is allocated to students on their application, the applications are processed on merit basis. Students
have a choice of opting for mess facility available in the hostel, it is not compulsory.
Even outsiders are allowed in boys mess.


Parking facility is available for all students, teachers, staff and visitors.