Quiz Club 2014 - 15

Faculty Co-ordinator: Mrs. Suvarna S. Nilakh

The quiz club was very active in the academic year 2014-2015. In the beginning of the year, on 30th of August, the club hosted its annual state-level inter-collegiate quiz competition ‘Q’. With over 100 participants, it was a worthy successor to the last year’s.

The Club organized quizzes in the academic year on a weekly basis. Students involved in the Club set quizzes in a wide variety of formats and learn not only how to quiz better but also how to set questions. This year, in tune with changing technology sessions were conducted on ‘Quizzing on Whatsapp’ as well as striking back to olden times, a session was also conducted on how to frame crosswords. Sesssions were conducted on Harry Potter, General Knowledge, Business, Cricket, Sports, Murders and Mysteries, Etymologies, Sit-coms etc. The Quiz Club also organized a special Environmental Law Quiz for the students of the IV year as an interactive way of learning. At the same time, the facebook group regularly has ex-students answering questions posted there, thus continuing their association with the college.

The ILS Quiz Club also takes up the initiative for setting the quiz at the college fest: Legal Ease. This time the elimination round was set by Sruti and Sravya Darbhamulla and the finals by Omkar Dhakephalkar.

Apart from activities in college, members of the Quiz Club also participated in inter-college quizzes outside college. Omkar Dhakephalkar and Solaiappan Odayappan stood third at the Late Mayadevi Chandanlal Sethi Trophy Quiz Competition conducted by the Nowrosjee Wadia College. Omkar Dhakephalkar won the Lahoti trophy for highest individual score in the elimination round. Mohit Talwar and Asmit Agarwal won the Bollywood quiz conducted at Troika- the fest conducted by the Bruhan Maharashtra College of Commerce. At the same fest, Mohit Talwar and Indranil Ghawade stood third in the General Quiz. Omkar Dhakephalkar with a cross-college teammate finished first at the General Quizzes at Troika, Sympulse, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, the two general quizzes by the Computer and the Credenz departments at PICT and Techtonic, Sinhagad College of Engineering. He also finished second at the Astronomy Quiz at College of Engineering, Pune and the Business Quiz at the Symbiosis College of Commerce, the Karavaan Quiz at Indian Institute of Science and Research, Pune, Brainova Quiz at PVG College of Engineering, and the Beat-the-Geek Quiz at the Symbiosis School of Economics. Indranil Ghawade and Sahil Likhar finished third in the last one. Tarun Srikanth, Solaiappan Odayappan and Omkar Dhakephalkar qualified to the finals of the INTACH Heritage quiz based on Indian Culture and Heritage. The team of Debopriyo Moulik and Omkar Dhakephalkar came second at the technology quiz Torquest conducted at the College of Engineering, Pune as well as the General quiz conducted at the B.J. Medical College. With a cross-college team-mate, Debopriyo Moulik won the Qonnoisseur quiz at the College of Engineering, Pune.

The student coordinators of this club are: Azakath Ammu Sasidharan (II BSL), Sruti and Sravya Darbhamulla (III BSL), Solayappan Odyappan, Deborpiyo Moulik and Omkar Dhakephalkar (IV BSL).