Quiz Club 2015 - 16

Faculty Co-ordinator: Mrs. Suvarna S. Nilakh

The quiz club was extremely active in the academic year 2015-2016.

The Club organized quizzes in the academic year on a weekly basis. Students involved in the Club set quizzes in a wide variety of formats and learn not only how to quiz better but also how to set questions. This year, in tune with constantly changing the club experience, sessions were conducted in line with the game of ‘Taboo’. Sessions were conducted on Harry Potter, General Knowledge, Movies, The Year of 2015, Sports, Sit-coms etc. At the same time, the facebook group regularly has ex-students answering questions posted there, thus continuing their association with the college.

The ILS Quiz Club also takes up the initiative for setting the quiz at the college fest: Legal Ease. This time the elimination round was set by Ammu Sasidharan and the finals by Sruthi and Sravya Darbhamulla. The ILS Quiz Club also set a quiz for the Intellectual Property Rights Week. A small question-answer session was conducted on Bollywood during the Intracollege Drama Competition-Aahwaan. Members also attended the Mumbai Quiz Festival in February 2016.

Apart from activities in college, members of the Quiz Club also participated in inter-college quizzes outside college. Notable individual achievements:

  • Harshwardhan R Suryawanshi, Nitish Pawar, Sukrut Mhatarmare, Aamir Shaikh: Participated in Interrobang- the quiz festival of the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research, Hyderabad.
  • Lisa Mishra and Parvesh Baba: Won ‘What’s The Good Word?’ Quiz at Symbhav, Symbiosis Law School.
  • Indranil Ghawade and Mohit Talwar: Participated in the Sweden Nobel Memorial Quiz Competition and the General Quiz at Laissez Faire, Symbiosis School of Economics. They were finalists at the Pune Rounds of the BITS Hyderabad Quiz and the General Quiz and BizTech Quiz of Symbiosis Law School’s fest Symbhav.
  • Sruthi and Shravya Darbhamulla: Participated in Qonnoisseur, the Music-Entertainament-Literature-Arts Quiz at College of Engineering, Pune. They were finalists at the General Quiz at Laissez Faire, Symbiosis School of Economics. Along with Kavya Bharadkar they won ‘What’s the Good Word?’ Quiz at B. J. Medical College.
  • Debopriyo Moulik: Participated in ‘What’s the Good Word’ Quiz at Symbhav, Symbiosis Law School along with Raghav Venkatesh. Both of them were also finalists at Armed Forces Medical College’s Fiction Quiz. Along with Omkar Dhakephalkar he finished third at Bangiya Sanskiriti Samsad’s Open Quiz and second at the Pune Rounds of the BITS Hyderabad Quiz. As a Cross-College Team, won Qonnoisseur, the MELA Quiz at College of Engineering, Pune.
  • Omkar Dhakephalkar: Participated in Asiasweep and Mahaquizzer conducted by Karnataka Quizzing Association. Won in the Pune College Category and was ranked 88th in the Open Category all over India in the latter. He participated in the Legal Quiz at Symbhav and Quiztronomy-the Astronomy Quiz conducted in College of Engineering, Pune. He was finalist at the quiz conducted at PVG’s and at Chakravyuh-Pune’s oldest quiz competition as well as in the Open Category at Shyam Bhatt Memorial Quiz in AFMC. At the B C Joshi Memorial Quiz he finished third in the Open Category. He finished second at the ‘Conspiracy Quiz’ at AIT, Dighi; at the General Quiz at AFMC; in ‘What’s the Good Word’ Quiz at Symbhav. He won the Credenz Quiz at PICT; Torquest-the SciTech quiz at COEP, the India Quiz at Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Reserach, Pune; the Fiction Quiz at AFMC; the General Quiz at Laissez Faire, Symbiosis School of Economics and the General Quiz at Symbhav.

Members of the Club also conducted quizzes in Pune Institute of Computer Technology and Balvikas Vidyalaya in Talegaon Dabhade. They also helped in setting quizzes for the Pune Quiz League for schools organized by the Firodiya Foundation. They also set quizzes at Infest-you-us, the Quiz Festival of the prestigious Boat Club Quiz Club, Pune.

In the beginning of the second semester, on 5th of December, the club hosted its annual state-level inter-collegiate quiz competition ‘Q’. With over 100 participants, it continued to be a great crowd-puller.

The student coordinators of this club are: Ammu Sasidharan (III BSL), Sruti and Sravya Darbhamulla (IV BSL), Solaiappan Odayappan, Debopriyo Moulik and Omkar Dhakephalkar (all V BSL).