Report of ILS Literary Club 2019

Faculty Coordinator:- Prof. Ashish Pawar and Prof. Pronema Bagachi

The literary club was active in the academic year 2018-2019.

The Club organized discussions on various literary works in the academic year. Students involved in the Club discussed masterpieces in the English as well as the local literature and art. Different sessions like discussions on classics, show and tell sessions, etc.

Session Reports
The inaugural session was conducted on August 7, 2018 with the discussion on The Old Man and the Sea. Various ardent readers attended the same and different interpretations regarding the same were exchanged between everyone. Discussions and debate ensued and different texts from the novel were deliberated upon. The session touched upon different works by the author Ernest Hemingway too and it was a grand success. The Club further organised various sessions inspiring the attendees and exploring the literary masterpieces available. All sessions were well attended by ardent readers as well as the first year readers.

The regular sessions comprise discussions on the books the attendees had read in the previous weeks. The Club also conducted sessions with special themes. The highlight of this year’s sessions includes a Show and Tell session where readers from all the years and all the courses came together to exchange their interpretations about their favourite books and urged each other to read the same.

The ILS Literary Club also collaborated with other cells, every year to conduct a joint session. This year, the Literary Club collaborated with the ILS Quiz Club to conduct a joint Literary Quiz based various literary arts. The Quiz was conducted by the ILS Quiz Club members and all of the Literary Club members attended and organised the same with them. Members of both cells attended the session and it was a grand success.

Promotion Activities
The ILS Literary Club is also extremely active on the social media platform. The Instagram page comprising of current members is thriving with regular updates. The members make a point to post all the relevant information about the sessions as well about the discussion that ensues in the same.

Student Coordinators
The student coordinators of this club are: Antara Bhide, Neha Dhavalikar, Nirali Hamirwasia, Yamini Jain, Sneha Kulkarni, Sanskruti Mahale, Bhoomi Sandesara (II B.A. LL.B.)