S P Sathe National Symposium: Criminal Justice System

Remembering S.P. Sathe Symposium On Current Trends In Indian Criminal Justice System

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13– 14 February 2016

About the Symposium :

Professor S.P. Sathe Foundation, set up by the Indian Law Society organizes three events annually at ILS Law College, Pune on a particular theme to commemorate the contribution of Professor S.P. Sathe to Indian Jurisprudence and Social Action and to encourage academic pursuit of law students and law teachers. The three events are: a National Moot Court Competition, a Memorial Lecture and a Conference.

The Remembering S.P. Sathe Symposium on Current Trends in Indian Criminal Justice System, 2016 is being organised to discuss the increasing relevance and impact of Criminal Law and the road map ahead in India.Thus, the theme for this year’s event is:

“Administration of Criminal Justice”

The Criminal Justice System was established centuries ago for the purpose of defining and controlling crime and to impose punishment or “danda” upon the violation of established rules. The basic pillars of the criminal justice system are the police, detection and investigation agencies, the prosecution and the defence lawyers, the judiciary and executing agency, each playing a vital role in the entire process of administration of criminal justice. It is without these pillars, the criminal justice system would be in sha

The sequence of events in the criminal justice process begins from when the crime is observed or reported. The process may vary according to the jurisdiction, the seriousness of the crime, whether the accused is a juvenile or an adult, and other relevant factors. Not every case will include all these steps, and not all cases directly follow this sequence. Many crimes are never prosecuted because they are not reported or no suspects can be identified or the available evidence is not adequate for the prosecutor to build a case as per the required standard of burden of proof.

This symposium aims to shed light upon the experiences and challenges faced by the various facets of the criminal administrative setup namely the investigating officers, prosecution and defence lawyers and the judges at various levels in the hierarchy of our judiciary in the pre-trial, trial and post-trial stages. The Symposium will deliberate upon the future guidelines by analysing these difficulties to achieve a much stronger and efficient criminal justice system.

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