Student Welfare Department Report 2016 -17

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Dyneshwar Kendre

  1. Nine Day Lecture series on “Law, Gender and Equality”
    Nine Day lecture series was organised on the theme of “Law, Gender and Equality” from6th-15th February 2017. More than 60 students participated in this lecture series.
    The college received a grant of Rs. 10,000/- from Board of Students’ Welfare Department, Savitribai Phule Pune University.
    Student coordinator for this event was Ms. Saranya Mishra, III B.A. LL.B. Details of Resource persons for thelecture series, have been enlisted as follows-

    Date Topic Resource Person
    06.02.2017 Ms. Vaijayanti Joshi Conceptualization of Gender
    07.02.2017 Dr. Nilima Bhadbhade Evidence Law and Gender Equality
    08.02.2017 Dr. Priya Sondhi Practices Derogatory to Women special focus on Devdasi and Molki.
    09.02.2017 Dr. Sanjay Jain Judicial Dis-Establishment of Gender Equality
    10.02.2017 Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar Using Gender neutral/inclusive language in Law
    11.02.2017 Dr. Shirish Deshpande Gender Law and Equality
    13.02.2017 Ms. Usha Ganesh Personality Development for Girl students
    14.02.2017 Mr. Anand Pawar Masculinities and Feminism
    15.02.2017 Ms. Rajalaxmi Joshi Torts and Gender Equality
  2. Special Guidance Scheme
    Appreciating the age old maxim, ‘language we speak, influences the way we think’, the scheme is based in light of the westernised version of India, where English has almost attained a universal status. This is evident from the fact that English is the only foreign language to have attained the status of official language in judicial system of India. Thus, ILS has taken the initiative to provide students with remedial lectures in English, specifically focused on those students who had primary or secondary education in vernacular language. Ms. Usha Ganesh conducted 30 remedial lectures for improvement of English language for students of 1st Year B.A. LLB and 1st Year LLB in which more than 60 students participated.The lectures were very well received by the students. Top 5 scorers in English subject were felicitated during the Foundation Day of the Indian Law Society on 4th March 2017.
  3. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Earn and Learn Scheme
    The above mentioned scheme was initiated in the academic year of 2012-13 for the benefit of the economically backward students. In this academic year, students of our college availed the benefit of this scheme from the month of July 2016. The College received a grant of the Rs.2,20,000/- from Student Welfare Department, Savitribai Phule Pune University, for the same. A total of 32 students were beneficiaries of the scheme.Reader on Demand
    The ‘Reader on Demand’ scheme has been evolved to help visually challenged students to explore more knowledge by deputing able bodied students to registered under Earn and Learn Scheme, to read for them.
  4. Career Counseling cum Motivation Workshop
    Under the aegis of the Students’ Welfare Department and Equal Opportunity cum Enabling cell of ILS Law College, a Career Counseling cum Motivation Workshop was organised for visually challenged students on 10th February 2017. We received a grant of Rs. 1,20,000/- from the Student Welfare Department, Savitribai Phule Pune University. A detailed report of the same has been provided in the annual report of Equal Opportunity cum Enabling Cell.
  5. Election Campaigning Week
    The Election Awareness Campaign organised by ILS Law College, Pune from 16th -19th February 2017, as the ‘Election Campaign Week’. The program reached out to about 500 students and 200 citizens.Owing to coherent support from the Director, Student Welfare Board of Savitribai Phule Pune University, ILS Law College received a grant of Rs. 30,000/- from Savitribai Phule Pune University for this event.

    This event demonstrated election training and organised a mock election on 16th February 2017, in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation. The gathering was addressed by the Principal and Dr. Sanjay Jain. The Principal stressed on the importance of voting, while Dr. Sanjay Jain perpetuated a Constitutional insight to the audience. A skit was also performed by LL.M. students on the theme of elections. Around 300 students participated in the said event.

    On 17th February 2017, an Election Awareness Campaign was organised for the students of DTL and DLL studying in the evening batches. The speakers for the campaign were Dr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. K. S. Waghmare and Mr. Santosh Jaybhay. They overwhelmingly appealed to the student participants to caste their vote. The event was also graced by the cultural team of ILS, which performed a street play motivating the students to caste their vote.

    On 19th February 2017, another Election campaign was organised at Kamala Nehru Park, Pune. Dr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. K.S. Waghmare and Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar were the speakers in this event. They appealed to all the spectators and public at large, including senior citizens present in the park, to caste their vote in the Municipal Corporation Elections. A street play performed by the students of ILS Law College, Pune further reinforced the appeal.

    The student team of organizers consisted of: Raju Bagul, V B.S.L.LL.B, Saranya Mishra, III B.A.LL.B., Jagdish Pawar, I B.A. LL.B., Sudhir, I B.A.LL.B., Kunal Pagar, I B.A.LL.B., Janvi Ingle, I B.A.LL.B.