Competitive Exam Cell

The college has constituted a Competitive Exam Cell. The cell is dedicated for conducting various activities for grooming the students for various competitive exams. The primary focus is imparting training to the students for taking up career in judiciary. Accordingly, every year the cell conducts special training programme for students interested in judiciary. The training programme is kept open for all students whether from ILS or outside ILS. Along with the training programme, sessions by alumni of the college who had been successful in competitive exams are also conducted.

Competitive Exam Cell Activity:

ILS Law College, since its inception, has produced many stalwarts who have made their mark on various fields and have contributed to the development of India. Lately as the role of the state is increasing, there is a need of strong and efficient bureaucracy, which can be performing its duties in an ethical and accountable manner, support the edifice of the other two branches, the legislature and the judiciary. For this, ILS Law College, has started a competitive Exam Cell, for creating and honing ethical, efficient, competent bureaucrats who can assimilate their legal knowledge with administrative acumen and serve on the vanguard of the government machinery.


  1. The main objective is to make available a platform, for aspirants of UPSC, MPSC, and other competitive examinations, where they can get all the help and guidance they need.
  2. Arranging guest lectures on various topics by eminent personalities, to impart knowledge about various pressing issues of today and current affairs useful for exam preparation.
  3. Providing comprehensive and quality study material and guidance for students who can’t afford coaching classes.

Faculty Coordinator:

  • Ms. Sneha Sabale


Competitive Exam Cell – 2022-23