Quiz Club

To Question Is Human..

..and it is through the spirit of asking questions and seeking answers that humans have achieved the knowledge they possess today as a race. This spirit is what makes us what we are and when there’s curiosity there are no bounds to exploration. Add to it a pinch of healthy competition and the acquiring of knowledge becomes immensely enjoyable.

Staying true to this belief, we at ILS Law College have established a platform- ILS Quiz Club. Highly creative and innovative, Quiz Club has no limitation of subjects or fields. From Law to Literature, from Science to Music, the Club organizes Quizzing Sessions and Competitions in all the areas under the Sun. It inspires students to relate their professional knowledge to various other fields as well as gives a platform to test themselves in the fields they love.

Quiz Club conducts weekly quizzing sessions on various topics. It also collaborates with other Cells and Centres like Criminal Law Cell, Literary Club, IPR Cell, etc. to have Collaborative Quizzing Sessions. ‘Q’ is an annual quiz competition hosted by ILS Quiz Club, which is gaining popularity in the quizzing circles across India.

The constitution of the Club for academic year 2023-24 is as follows:-

Faculty Coordinators:

  1. Mr. Ashish Pawar
  2. Ms Sneha Bapat

Quiz Club Reports

  1. Quiz Club 2017 – 18
  2. Quiz Club 2016 – 17
  3. Quiz Club 2015 – 16
  4. Quiz Club 2014 – 15
  5. Quiz Club 2013 – 14
  6. Quiz Club 2012 – 13