Corporate Law Cell


The Corporate Law Cell, founded in September 2009, is a student run body overseen by faculty in-charge Ms. Smita Sabne. The Cell, since its first academic year (2009 -2010) has grown by leaps and bounds. The vision of the Corporate Law Cell is to familiarize the students with basic concepts of Corporate and Commercial Laws along with identifying and examining various issues under discussion in today’s corporate world. The Cell intends to facilitate better comprehension of corporate laws among students through events, competitions, group discussions and various other activities to supplement regular classroom learning experience.

Objective of the Cell

  • To ensure smooth functioning of the cell and to facilitate activities of students in context of Corporate Laws.
  • To promote better participation of students in activities of the cell.
  • To encourage research and discussion relating to corporate and business laws among the students.
  • To align the activities of the cell along with activities of other cells and departments of ILS Law college.

The Constitution of the Cell for academic year 2018-19 is as follows:-

Faculty Coordinator:

  1. Ms. Smita Sabne
  2. Ms. Swatee Yogessh

Student Coordinators

  1. Amala Maria George (V B.A.LL.B.)
  2. Stephanie Nazareth (V B.A.LL.B.)
  3. Hrucha Dhamdhere (III LLB)
  4. Dhruv (V B.A.LL.B)
  5. Shreya Chaudhary (IV B.A.LL.B)

Yearly Corporate Law Cell Report

  1. Corporate Law Cell Report 2017 – 18
  2. Corporate Law Cell Report 2016 – 17
  3. Corporate Law Cell Report 2015 – 16
  4. Corporate Law Cell Report 2014 – 15
  5. Corporate Law Cell Report 2013 – 14