Criminal Law Cell 2015 – 16

(Established 2015-2016)

Faculty in-charge: Dr. Nitish Nawasagaray

The Criminal Law Centre contributes towards academic activities in the criminal justice system. It endeavors to form a knowledge platform for all students interested in the field of criminal law.

The Centre imparts knowledge in a formal and informed manner. The main objective of the Centre is to intently scrutinize both procedural as well as substantive law.

The year commenced with the inaugural on 21st July 2015. It was followed by umpteen sessions like Salman Khan’s Hit and Run case by Ram Virendra (IV BSL.LL.B.), scrutiny of the Shreya Singhal case (66A, IT Act) by Shraddha Salegonkar (V BSL.LL.B.) on 28th July 2015 and the story of Yakub Memon by Manasi Kalavit and Nikita Panse, (both IV B.S.L.LL.B.) on 25th August, 2015.

The Basics of Criminal Trial and Bail was discussed by Adv. Ajay Adhiya on 4th August 2015. The Centre also hosted a guest lecture by Adv. Dhairyasheel Patil Sr. Advocate, Satara Bar, on the topic of ‘Art of Cross-Examination’ on 12th September 2015.

A joint session with the IPR Cell was conducted on ‘Criminal Remedies in IPR’. By the end of the semester, the cell helped students in authoring Research Articles on various topics like Ballistics, Cannibalism and Forensic Technology. On 9th February 2016, Mallika Joshi (II BSL) conducted a lecture on Cannibalism. The recent Sheena Bhora case was discussed and critiqued by Aayush Chaddha and Ayush Abhinav (II B.A.LL.B.). A movie ‘Court’ was screened in one of the sessions in the second semester, followed by a panel discussion led by Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray. In addition, the cell also organized lectures delivered by ILS Alumni like Default Bail by Ankita Sarkar, An analysis of S.41 of CrPC and S. 498A of IPC by Adv. Chinmay Bhosale and the last academic session was ‘An overview of the Criminal Minor Acts’ by Harshavardhan Salgaokar.