Cultural Activities 2013-14

In the year 2013-14, the students performed in a wide array of cultural activities and won a number of prizes for their efforts. The ILS Cultural Group took part in various dance, drama and music (band) competitions at an inter-collegiate level through which the students got an opportunity to showcase their talent beyond academic boundaries.

The following is the report of their success in this academic year :

  1. Drama:

    1. Suman Karandak Natya Vachan Spardha:
      A one of its kind ‘natya vachan spardha’, this competition encourages play-reading. Our College read a play named ‘Girhaik’ written by Chandrashekhar Phansalkar. It was read by Aditya Ghatpande (III BSL), Rohit Gaikwad (II BSL) and Onkar Joshi (II BSL). It was directed by Apurva Bhilare (IV BSL).
    2. Purushottam Karandak 2013:
      The prestigious Purushottam Karandak one act play competition completed 49 years this year. Our College has always been an enthusiastic participant in this competition. This year, the College showcased a play named ‘Peshti’. The play was selected as a finalist in the competition and was amongst the top 9 colleges out of total participants of more than 50. The concept and theme of the play was widely appreciated by the judges and the audience. Arpita Ghogardare (IV BSL) received a consolation prize (Kakaji) for acting. Apurva Bhilare (IV BSL) bagged the consolation prize for Direction. The play was written by Apurva Bhilare and Apurva Kulkarni (IV BSL). It was directed by Apurva Bhilare.
    3. Pu. La. Deshpande State Level One Act Play Competition
      The play ‘Peshti’ was performed in the Pu. La. Deshpande Karandak as well. The play bagged the Third place in the Pune Region round of the competition.
      Apurva Kulkarni (IV BSL) and Arpita Ghogardare (IV BSL) received a consolation prize for Acting (female). Apurva Bhilare (IV BSL) received the third prize for Direction.
    4. Sarpotdar Karandak
      Two teams from the College took part in the Sarpotdar Karandak competition held at BMCC.
      Apurva Kulkarni won the first (???) prize for Best Acting in the female category and Arpita Ghogardare was declared the first runners-up for Best Acting (female).
    5. Pratibimba – Imprompto Competition
      The College was a debutant participant in the Pratibimba Prasanga Natya Spardha held in Sudarshan Rangamancha. The improvisation put up by the College won the second prize in the competition.
      Apurva Bhilare stood second in the competition for best acting (female).
    6. Firodiya Karandak 2014
      Like every year, the College participated in the Firodiya Karandak 2014. The College put up a play named ‘Raat Baki’.
  2. Band:

  3. The ILS Band ‘VIDHI’ performed in the well known Inter-collegiate competition ‘MALHAR’ held in St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. The theme was ‘Zara Hatke’. The band performance was widely appreciated by one and all. The English and Hindi Band were headed by Krishna Sood and Aakash Baid (V BSL). Tanvi Dabir, Kritika Chaudhary, Kiran were the female vocalists. Indrajeet Handeque and Sanam Kabre played the guitars and Kaustubh Narendran played drums.


    The dance group was also part of various competitions held around Pune. The group performed in the Human Rights Cell seminar in August 2013.

    The dance group participated in Sympulse 2014 and were the finalist there.
    The group also represented the College in ‘DZMA 2014’ – an inter-collegiate competition held at Symbiosis Institute of Design.

    Two teams representing our College were finalists in the duet dance competition held at Sympulse 2014. Paazal Arora and Harshika Barhinge (III BSL) won the first prize in the event.
    The group also participated in ‘Silhouttes’ held at AFMC, Symbhav held at SLS and Reverve held at SIT.

  4. Legal Ease 2013:

        The Annual Cultural Fest was held from 25th to 30th December 2013. The fest celebrated ‘100 Years of Bollywood’ which was the theme of the fest.

        The fest received enthusiastic participation from students in various activities and games. The fest concluded with the annual gathering and band performance.