Cultural Activities 2016-17

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Santosh Jaybhay

ILS Law College has been a proud participant in the cultural heritage of Pune in this present year of 2016-17. Talents were explored and many opportunities were seized by the students of the college. Many inter collegeate cultural competetions made a mark on the flow of the events. The report given below tries to sum up the effort and enthusiasm of the students throughout the year. The report enlists the activities of theatre group of ILS. The events are stated chronologically.

  1. Symbiosis Karandak
    Two teams of 7 students each participated in the competition. The Natyavachan basically creates an illusion through voice that the present scenario is performed live on the stage. It is one of the most studied and researched form of theatre.
    Karmachari: It was an adaptation of a story ‘Gokhale’ by V. P. Kale. Nrupal Digankar (III BALLB) won a consolation prize for her acting in the play.
    Khurada: This story was written by Shubham Gade (III B.A. LL.B.). This play was adjudged as winner of the Symbiosis Karandak. Tanvi Karmarkar (V B.S.L.LL.B) was awarded consolation prize for best direction and Renuka Joshi (III BALLB) was awarded best acting overall.
  2. Purushottam Karandak
    It is one of the most esteemed competitions for intercollegiate drama. ILS perform a one act play GIRAN written by Ninad Pathak (D.T.L.). This play ‘GIRAAN’ depicts the story of Mangala a devotee of Kaludevi who wants her daughter to learn and not get into the business of religious offerings. The story takes the audience through mangala’s struggle through a realistic form of theatre. The folk arts of Maharashtra give the act another aura.
    A Team of 16 students performed the play and it was place in the category of Dreams TO Reality, where only the best 12 plays are placed. The lead played by Aishwarya Wakhare from IV BSLLLB was awarded with consolation acting prize for primary round. The social touch of the story was appreciated.
  3. Dajikaka Gadgil Karandak
    This competition is organized in the loving memory of late Dajikaka Gadgil .Two teams from ILS participated in this event.
    Paij: Paij was a light hearted drama and it was appreciated by the audience.
    Giraan: Giraan was much appreciated by the judges. Renuka Joshi and Aishwarya Wakhare fetched acting prizes for their role in giraan.
  4. Sarpotdar karandak
    It is an impromptu drama is the essence of Sarpotdar Karandak organized by BMCC, Pune. Two teams participated each containing 7 students. Two improvisation were performed,Behene Do and Signature. Saee Tamhankar (V BSLLLB) won best Actor (Female) 2nd .Both the improvisations were entertaining as said by judges.
  5. Firodiya karandak
    Firodia Karandak is an intercollegiate multitalented drama competition. As the name suggests, it involve live music, dance, acting, arts, craft and other events. All of them tied in a single thread of the theme which is best depicted by drama and actors.
    ‘ASTITVA’ was the name of the performance. A girl’s chastity was challenged by a virginity test on her first wedded night. Her father stands beside her to prove her innocence and also goes against the suppressive societal norms of the Pardhis. A distinctive culture was the colour of this performance. A team of 29 students made this performance possible. The said competition was held in rounds. This play qualified till the primary round.
  6. Legal Ease 2016-2017
    Legal Ease is an annual cultural festival of our college. Legal Ease 2016-2017 was held from 22nd December 2016 to 25th December 2016. The theme for this year’s festival was beyond black and white and so was executed in the whole campus. Various competitions were conducted. The theme of Ace Legal Ease this year was “Beyond Black and White….” The theme was an attempt to show the world the Colourful world of a lawyer, and tell the common people that the world of a lawyer is much more than the black and white colour he dons at work.
    Sukhan the programme on Urdu literature was enjoyed by students. Fashion show and band performance made annual gathering more special. Ace Academy supported the event as a title sponsor.
    This event was also supported in cash and kind by various sponsers such as Syndicate Bank, Jintur Sahkari Cooperative Bank, Tea Trails, Talwalkars, Lunges Gym, Dominos, Burger King, Solaris, Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds, E- Square, Javed Habib, Jazz Up saloon, Sakaal Times, Prabhat and Radio One.
    Before the festival the students were asked to draft a “Break Up Act of 2016” a legislation that covers and governs Break Ups and Relationships, the idea behind this activity was that the Students always had participated in the Moot Courts, Judgement Writing, Statute Interpretation but they never had a chance to draft a statute or an act. So the idea was to let the students draft a law but on a lighter note and a humorous topic. The winning entry was read out in front of the Annual Gathering amidst much laughter and applause. The annual gathering was further followed by the stellar concert performance by the College Band “Vidhi”.
  7. ILS dance group- Aadhya
    “Aadhya” is the official dance group of ILS Law College, Pune. It was formed in 2006 and has evolved ever since. The team consists of students who are selected by a session of auditions that are conducted at the beginning of each academic year. This year, Aadhya was headed by Amol Jagtap, M. Monisha and Kruti Gogri of 5th B.S.L.LL.B.
    The academic year 2016-17 has been a very eventful and successful one for Aadhya. The year began with the contingent team participating in Malhar, 2016, organized by St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Malhar being one of India’s largest Inter-College fests, the competition was in terms of standard and spirit, very intense. The team secured the Runner’s Up position and was most appreciated for the theme portrayed at the competition.
    Aadhya, as a group believes dance to be strong medium of expression and has always depicted powerful and potent themes through their acts. This peculiarity has always been a hallmark of the team. Some of the past themes depicted by the team have addressed issues relating to Ragging, Women’s Rights, Honour Killing, etc. This year Aadhya came forward with yet another remarkable theme. It revolved around the draught crisis that resulted in an enormous number of farmer suicides in recent past in India.
    The team also went on to secure the Runner’s Up position at Fundamental, 2016, the Inter-College fest organised by Symbiosis School of Design, Pune and the Second Runner’s Up at Laissez Faire, 2016, the Inter-College fest organised by Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune.
    Aadhya also performed at the Independence Day flag hoisting celebrations of ILS, Legal Ease 2016- the Intra-College Fest and Aahwan 2016 -the Intra-College Drama Competition.
    Aadhya has been on a growing journey and wishes to continue spreading socially relevant messages through the powerful medium of dance as a form of Art. Aadhya also wishes to bring home many more accolades and to continue to do ILS proud.
    The band witnessed many unforgettable moments like the abrupt show of torch lights by the Audience during one of the songs, the whole of the auditorium dazzled with sparkling torches and made an unforgettable picture perfect moment.
  8. VIDHI ( ILS band)
    VIDHI, the Law College, band consists of various musicians from different batches. New forms of music and recreational all time classics forms were experimented with, be it from Bollywood or the west.
    VIDHI consisted of the following members:

    1. Jacob Thomas –Lead vocalist and Keyboards.
    2. Indrajeet Handique – Lead guitarist
    3. Asmit Agarwal – Bass
    4. Varad Kolhe – Keyboards/ Vocalist.
    5. Priyank Dagga – Tabala/ Percussion
    6. Ayush Wadhi – Rhythm Guitar
    7. Dipali Singh – Vocalist
    8. Tanvi Guleria – Vocalist

    For the academic year 2016-2017, VIDHI performed for the following events in the college:

    1. Legal Ease 2016
    2. Aawahan 2017
    3. One Day Motivational Workshop For The Blind

    Apart from these events conducted in college, members of VIDHI also represented the college in the following:

    1. Panache – Annual Cultural Festival of Cummins College.
    2. Sympulse – Annual Cultural Festival of Symbiosis Institute of Management Sciences.
    The Intra- college drama competition, Aahwaan, was held on 6th March 2017. The competition witnessed a total of 7 plays. The plays – “Mocha”, “The Laymen’s Diary”, “Inspector Matadeen Chand Par”, “Atrupta”, “The Incomplete Script”, “S.U.F.F.E.R.”, and “Taalim” were all very well received by a large and energetic audience. The plays were a product of a lot of hard work and creativity on the part of the participants. The event, complete with wonderful performances by the ILS Dance group Aadhya and the ILS Band Vidhi was a huge success.
    Aahwaan 2017 was judged by Ms. Dhanashree Heblikar, Mr. Abhijeet Chaudhary, and Mr. Yuvraj Shah from Swatantra Theater, and Mr. Saggherr Lodhii. Being persons who are well established in the field of drama and theatre, their inputs were valued by the contestants. The judges, with consensus gave out the following awards:
    Best Play – Atrupta
    Runners Up Play- Inspector Matadeen Chand Par
    Best Script – S.U.F.F.E.R., Siddhant Nanodkar and Sushrey Nepal
    Best Director – Omkar Joshi and Aaee Tamhankar
    Best Actor – Kushal Shinde
    Best Actress – Poornima Phuse
    Best Supporting Actor – Satyanarayan Varma
    Best Supporting Actress – Vilasini Balasubramaniam
    The event was put together by an Organising Committee of 8 students – Kruti Gogri from V B.S.L.LL.B, Kritika Shekhawat, Shubhangi Agarwal, Sakshi Shivhare, Anubhav Talloo, Vanika Sinha, Urjitah Srikanth, from the IVB.S.L.LL.B., and Apurva Shelke from the IIIB.S.L.L.B. The contribution of a volunteer body of over 50 students from all batches was indispensable to the smooth execution of the programme.
    Gokul Thampi and Tanushree Nigam from VB.S.LL.B. were the hosts for the evening. The whole event was covered by Kunal, Shrikant, Shubham, and Ivy. Krishna and Sheethal managed the light and sound during the event. Kruti Gogri delivered the vote of thanks and concluded the event.
    This year, the Title Sponsor for Aahwaan, was Doorkeyz which is an online platform for the sale and purchase of real estate properties. The event was also sponsored by Solaris, Tibbs Frankie, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Xtreme Trekkers, Himalaya, Mad Over Donuts, Zoomcar, Hotel Brookside, McDonald’s, and Hippie @ Heart. HavmorIcecreams, The Waffles Hut, and KC’s Food Logic provided refreshments to everyone present at the event throughout the day.