English Debating Society for the year 2016-2017

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray

The English Debating Society (“Debating Society”) has organised and undertaken various events in the academic year 2016-2017. This academic session saw the sustained participation of students in various inter and intra college events, Parliamentary Debates (“PDs”), Conventional Debates, Model United Nations (“MUNs”) and Elocutions, more than ever before.

The core committee of the Debating Society comprises of Sagar Shetty, Sowmya Khandelwal (V B.S.L.LL.B), Mohith Gauri (IV B.S.L.LL.B) and Alefiyah Shipchandler, Rishab Desai, Ziauddin Sherkar (III B.A.LL.B).

The Debating Society organized the Intra College Parliamentary Debate qualifiers on the 31st July – 2nd August 2016. The ranks obtained by the students in these qualifiers served as a basis for selection for participation in inter college debates. This year saw the participation of 75 debaters and 18 adjudicators. Akhila Palem (V B.S.LLL.B) Saurav Roy and Sharanya Shivaraman (III B.A.LLB) won the Qualifiers. This year, due to the first years joining very late into the academic year, we could not conduct a novice qualifiers for them. However, extensive training sessions with the seniors and regular practice rounds help them build an aptitude towards debating. For the first time, juniors broke into various high ranking tournaments to make the ILS Debating Society proud. In a short span of time, they picked up on debating skills rather quickly.

5th Justice V.M. Tarkunde Memorial National Parliamentary Debate Competition

The 5th Justice V.M Tarkunde Memorial National Parliamentary Debate, was conducted through 7th-9th January 2017 in ILS Law College. The competition saw participation from 40 teams and 60 adjudicators representing 18 institutions across the country. The total number of participants were 190. The introduction of 6 high quality subsidised adjudicators pushed the competitiveness of the tournament this year. Students of a cross team comprising Taufique Shioogufan and Nashra Rashid from Shri Venkateshwara College, Delhi and Arghya Chakraborty from Shiv Nadar University won the debate whereas the runners up were a team comprising Osho Chhel, Abhishek and Sarangan from National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Taufique Shioogufan from Shri Venkateshwara College, Delhi was awarded the Best Speaker and Advesh Jhalan from RVCE, Bangalore was awarded the Best Adjudicator. Mohith Gauri was awarded Best Internal Adjudicator.

In view of the significant novice participation of 18 teams, the tournament saw the addition of a Novice Break, a separate round of qualification for debaters with less than 2 prior debates experience. The winning team was from the Symbiosis Law School, Pune and the round was chaired by Avinash Anand from IIT-Bombay.

The credit for the success of the tournament goes to Karanjawala & Co. whose sustained sponsorship has helped the competition better its standards each year. SCC Online and Good Food as well played their role as sponsors in this edition. Due to the help from the above sponsors, we were able to introduce more prizes this year and motivate debaters to continue taking part in tournaments in the future.

Produced below is a list of the various activities and achievements of the students in various MUNs, PDs and Conventional Debates and Elocutions.

Parliamentary Debates:
Students have represented ILS in various inter-collegiate Parliamentary Debate Competitions namely:

  1. NALSAR, Hyderabad – Ananya Iyer and Parvesh Baba, Awani Kelkar and Sangh Rakshita, Shreya Choudhary and Sruthi Bandhakavi. Adjudicators – Tanya Srivastava, Tarun Srikant, Malvika Raghavan, Ipshita Dey, Shreya Prasad and Anshritha Rai
  2. Symbiosis Law School, Pune – Lisa Mishra and Parvesh Baba, Ananya Iyer and Anant Misra, Anoop George and Chandrasekhar S. Haridh, Mohith Gauri and Ziauddin Sherkar, Himanshu Patil and Rudhdi Walawalkar , N Raghav Harini and Advait Helekar.
  3. Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune – Ziauddin Sherkar and Mohith Gauri (Semi-finalist), Lisa Thomas and Parvesh Baba. Adjudicators: Nishka Tyagi, Eksha Narayan, Tarun Kumar (Adjudicated Novice Finals), Malvika Raghavan, Shreya Mohapatra, Sruthi Bandhakavi.
  4. GNLU, Gandhinagar – Shreya Choudhary and Pranav Bafna, Lisa Mishra and Parvesh Baba (Quarter Finalists), Arnav Sinha and Eksha. Adjudicator: Sridatri
  5. IIM Indore Varsity Debate – Malvika Raghavan (Best Adjudicator), Tarun Srikant, Diksha Mishra and Anchitha Sanghi, Aasaavari Soni and Shubhanyu Singh and Shruti Bandhakavi.
  6. NMIMS School of Law PD – Himanshu Patil, Raina Mitra and Poornima Jacob
  7. Indian Women’s Debating Championship, Mumbai – N Raghav Harini and Rudhdi Walawalkar
  8. Visvesvaraya Memorial Debate Competition – Mohith Gauri and Ziauddin Sherkar (winners), Anoop George and Chandrasekhar Haridh, Raina Mitra and Himanshu Patil.Rudhdi Walawalkar and Ramkrishna Panigrahi., Saurav Roy and Lisa Mishra (Runners-up)
  9. GLC National Parliamentary Debate, Mumbai – Lisa Mishra and Saurav Roy, Anoop George and Chandrasekhar Haridh, Mohith Gauri and Ziauddin Sherkar, Raina Mitra and Himanshu Patil (Novice Finalists), Saloni Dhumal and Debayan Gangopadhyay, PoornimaJacob and Rudhdi Walawalkar, Ramkrishna Panigrahi and RoseMathew, Saksham Jain and Aditya Ingole, Arihant Mohnot and Akshat Jain, Siddhanth Kapoor and Aditya Nair.

Model United Nations:
This year saw a massive jump in the MUN participation from ILS. A list has been enumerated below:

  1. COEP MUN, 2016 – Saurav Roy was the Vice chair of the UNHRC and Ziauddin Sherkar was the Chairperson of the Disarmament and International Security Committee General Assembly.
  2. Dynamic Training MUN, Pune, 2016 – Saurav Roy was the chair of the WTO
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies – Ziauddin Sherkar was the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  4. Indian Youth Parliament, Mumbai, 2016 – Anshika Sharma won the best delegate in the Rajya Sabha Committee.
  5. Symbhav MUN, Pune, 2016 – Saurav Roy was the chairperson of the DISEC, Ziauddin Sherkar was the chairperson of the UNHRC.
  6. GNLU MUN, Gandhinar, 2016 – Saurav Roy was the Vice-Chair of GA Legal.
  7. The Conclave of International Diplomats, 2016 – Ziauddin Sherkar was the Director of the UNHRC
  8. Eureka MUN, Pune, 2016 – Ziauddin Sherkar was the Presidents of the UNSC and Saurav Roy was the Vice-president of the UNSC
  9. Pune MUN, 2016 – Saurav Roy was the Chairperson of the WHA, Ziauddin Sherkar was the Secretary of the Disarmament and International Security Committee General Assembly, Aditi Patil was the chairperson the SOCHUM.
  10. MUNSophical Sophia College, Mumbai, 2016 – Ziauddin Sherkar was the Co-chair in the Disarmament and International Security Committee and General Assembly
  11. Mumbai MUN, 2017 – Saurav Roy was the Co-Chairperson of GA Legal.

II. Marathi Debating Society
The Marathi Debating Society’s 2016-17 season began with a session on the Basics of Debating and Elocution. Mr. Shreeranjan Awate conducted the session, where he explained in detail the nuances associated with debating. This session was well received and was attended by over 100 students. It also conducted an Intra-College Elocution competition in the month of August. The ranks obtained in the same served as the basis for participation in Debate and Elocution competitions outside the college.

8th State Level Marathi Elocution Competition:
Marathi Debating Society organized the 8th edition of the ILS State-level Elocution Competition on 15th December 2016. 36 students participated in the competition from all over Maharashtra. The participants were given four topics to speak in the preliminary round. The final round was extempore, where the topics were provided on the spot. The competition was judged by Mr. Swapnil Bapat, Mr. Shreeranjan Awate, Mrs. Swati Gaikwad and Dr. Suvarna Nilakh.

Results :
First position – Prashant Thakare, Shankarrao Mohite College, Akaluj
Second position – Rohit Deshmukh, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth,Pune.
Third position – Aditya Kulkarni, Sathe College, Mumbai.
Consolation prize– Harshali Ghule, Sociology Department, SPPU, Pune.
Consolation prize – Swanand Gangul, T.M.C. Law College, Thane.

The student coordinators Swapnil Falke, Harshita Shahapurkar, Rahul Gangurde, Deepak Chatap, Krushna Karche, Prajakta Nagrare,Sagar Samant, Aishwariya Ambulkar, Satyajit lanage, Shubham Barkade, Rutuja Bhagavat, Prajakta Zalke,Sharvari, Ashwini, Bodhi Ramteke assisted in successful organization of the elocution competition. The competition was generously sponsored by Hotel Surve’s, Pune.

Students of ILS Law College participated in various Elocution and Debating Competitions in the Academic Year 2016-2017.

List of Student Participated in Various Elocution Competition in the Academic year 2016-2017

Sr. no Name of Participants Name of competition and college Result
1 Deepak Chatap(3rd B.A.L.LB), Harshita Shahapurkar
(3rd B.A.L.LB), Akash Kamble(1nd LLB), Ashwini Sanap(1st B.A.L.LB)
State Level Elocution Competition, Organized by S.P. College, Pune Deepak Chatap (3rd B.A.L.LB), Finalist
2 Bodhi Ramteke (1st B.A.L.LB), Revati Bagade (1st B.A.L.LB) State Level Elocution Competition, Organized by Vidhyapratishthan, Baramati  
3 Aishwarya Ambulkar (2nd B.A.L.LB), Deepak Chatap(3rd B.A.L.LB State Level Elocution Competition, Organized by Padmini Jain college, Pabhal Deepak Chatap (3rd B.A.LL.B.), Consolation prize of competition.
4 Ishwari Pendse (1st LLB), Revati Bagade(1st B.A.L.LB) “VAKTADASHASAHASTRASHU” State Level Elocution Competition, Organized by LOKASATTA NEWS MEDIA Ishwari Pendse (1st LLB), Finalist for Pune Division*.

Student Participated in Various Debate Competition in the Academic year 2016-2017

Sr. no Name of Participants Name of competition and college Result
1 Satyajeet Lange (2nd B.A.L.LB), Swapnil Suryavanshi (2nd B.A.L.LB) SState Level Debate Competition, Organized by M.P. law college, Aurangabad
2 Aishwarya Ambulkar (2nd B.A.L.LB), Deepak Chatap(3rd B.A.L.LB) Agarkar Debete state level Competition organized by D.E.S. law College, Pune Runners Up