Legal AID Center -2016-17

Faculty Coordinators:- Principal Vaijayanti Joshi and Dr. Suvarna Nilakh
For the academic year 2016-17, the Legal Aid Centre started working from 05-07-2016. The Centre has its meetings from Monday to Thursday from 12.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. The classes that participate in the activities of the Centre are I, II & III LL.B., II to V B.S.L.LL.B., D.T.L. and LL.M.

The activities of the Centre include:

  1.         Legal Literacy Camps in rural and urban areas.
  2.         Providing legal aid to the poor and needy
  3.         Legal Aid Clinics
  4.         Para-legal Training / Workshops.

  • I. Legal Literacy Camps :

  • In this academic year, 7 legal literacy camps have been held both in rural and urban areas. Details of the camps are as follows:-

    1. Legal literacy camp at Hadapsar, Pune  (15thJune 2016)
    2.     In a legal aid camp organized at Hadapsar, Mr. K.S. Waghmare and Mr. D.P. Kendre addressed the gathering of 50 participants acquainting  them with the ‘Rights of Women’ and ‘Rights of Senior Citizens’ respectively.

    3. Legal Literacy Camp at Kashtakari Mahila Melava, Dipgraha, Marketyard (16thDecember, 2016)
    4.      Dr. Deepa Paturkar organized this camp on the topic of “Rights of Women”.

    5. Legal Literacy Camp at Kashtakari Mahila Melava, Dipgraha, Marketyard (!8thJan, 2017)
    6.      Dr. Deepa Paturkar organized this camp on the topic of “Grounds of Divorce.”

      Legal Literacy Camp at Ozar, Taluka Junnar, Pune (30th January, 2017)

      The students of II LLB with faculty member, Mr. D.P. Kendre organized a Legal Literacy at Ozar, in the adjoining Taluka Junnar, Pune. This camp was a collaborative effort of  ILS Law College with Shri Vighnhar Ganpati Devasthan Trust, Ozar. The camp witnessed the participation of 47 students. Its main objective was to inform the people about Lok-Adalats and its benefits. It was also aimed to increase awareness about the rights and duties of people.. The main areas covered in the camp were related to Land disputes, Laws related to Women and Children, Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, Consumer Protection Act, Domestic Violence Act, Right to Education, Right to Information and various other areas concerning Human Rights.

      Mr. D.P. Kendre elaborated on the provisions the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, also addressing the questions and doubts of the audience with regard to the same. Further, he also dealt with the problems faced by senior citizens and protection available to them under the law. He threw light on the developments in the society with respect to the rights of senior citizens.

      While Pooja Pawar and Onkar Relekar anchored the programme. Rohit Sonawane informed the people about 7/12 Extract while Sanket M explained the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act. Sumeet Tidake emphasized the importance of Right to Information and explained the importance of transparency  in the system. Purva Pradhan discussed Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution Methods. Sukrut Sohoni explained the provisions related to Right to Education and also informed the people about the reservation in private schools. Nikita Ramnani discussed the legal provisions related to Women and Nishigandha Nilekar brought to light the problems of Domestic Violence and explained the provisions under the law. Navnath discussed the Consumer Protection Act. Finally, Prachi Patil gave a speech on Human Rights while Tejal Katkar discussed problems of Child Labour.

      During the camp, four Street plays were also performed by the students depicting not only different problems in the society but also discerning various solutions to these problems. With the help of street plays, the students were able to communicate and connect with the majority of the people so as to spread maximum awareness pertaining to socio-legal issues and the available solutions.

      Ambika Kajal, Radhika Agarwal, Asha Mariam, Chitra Johnson and Tina Mariam Eapen visited schools in the vicinity and enunciated the importance of education. While informing children about their rights, they used charts, photographs and pictorial representations to speak on sexual abuse and educational impediments.

      Atul Mande, played a pioneering role in the organization of the camp with a team of Shreya Bobade, Pranoti, SupriyaVakil, Rashmin Patani, Kiran Waghmare, Arun Chavan, Kiran Patil, SagarShehare, Shruti, Amir, Manish Kharwandikar, Mohini Wable, NamitaMohod, Shubham Sonje, Onkar Kulkarni, Ritu Mehta, Sayali Patil, Rohan Shete and Rahoul A Mehrotra, all students of II LL.B.

    7. Legal Literacy Camp at Kashtakari Mahila Melava, Dipgraha, Marketyard (18thFebruary, 2017)

    Dr. Deepa Paturkar organized this camp on the topic of Law of Mantainance

  • II.  Legal Aid to poor and needy

  • In this academic year, we have provided assistance for litigation in 3 matrimonial disputes initiated or pending before the Family Court. Five matrimonial were settled amicably. Also one transfer petition is pending before Bombay High Court.

  • III. Legal Aid Clinics

  • Legal Aid Clinics are attended by representative faculty members and students. Legal Aid Clinics are at Karve Institute, Deep Griha Tadiwala Road and Deep Griha Market Yard, Dapodi.
    Approximately 100 cases were dealt with by the faculty and students the Legal Aid Clinics for consultation / negotiation / counseling / filing of cases in courts. 

  • IV. Para Legal Training / Workshops
  • Para-legal training / workshops/campaigns are being conducted for Bahujan Hitay, an NGO and Karve Institute of Social Science.

    Campaign against Domestic Violence in association with Maitri Network and Bahujan Hitaya Pune, Project on 9th December 2016.
    Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Mr. D.P. Kendre and Mr. K. S. Waghmare participated in the campaign against domestic violence organized by  Maitri Network and bahujan Hitay Pune, Project at Dapodi.

    The Objectives of this campaign were:

    • To create awareness about laws relating to protection against domestic violence.
    • To give information about the family counseling and legal aid provisions.
    • Importance of education

    The students of ILS Law College, Pune performed a skit on “menace of domestic violence, inequality and lack of education” 13 students from LL.M and BA. LLB. participated in the camp

    Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar briefed the participants about the ILS Law College Legal Aid Center and gave information on Laws providing protection to women against domestic violence.  Mr. D.P. Kendre gave the overview of the legal provisions relating to legal aid and advice and role of laws in women empowerment. Mr. K. S. Waghmare enlightened the audience about the right to education and its importance. Around 78 women participated in this program.

    Faculty Members – Mr. Santosh Jaybhay, Dr. Deepa Paturkar, Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray, Dr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. D.P. Kendre, Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar, Ms. Ujjwala Sakhalkar, Mr. K.S. Waghmare, Ms Rajalaxmi Joshi and Ms Divya Mittal participated in the activities of Legal Aid Centre under the guidance of Principal Ms. Vaijayanti Joshi.