Donation Portal

User story – Client is looking for Donation portal where anyone can come and donate amount they like to donate to college. Flow explained in following steps:
  1. Visitor come on site click the donation button 
  2. It will open a form having following required fields 
  3. Once submitting will show them the final amount and pay button, 
  4. Pay button take them to bank screen for payment and once payment completed redirect back to college site 
  5. Show the thank you screen with option to download the receipt (attached). 
  6. Both admin and donor should receive an email for this donation. 
In the backend manage 
  1. Separate section for donors link, allow to see the whole data they filled
  2. Allow to download the receipt from backend 
  3. Allow to download excel with all the data and amount 
Payment log 
  1. Should show the entries of all payments of donation 
Invoice Number
  1. It will have separate series of invoice number, global as well as local. 


Form Fields 

*Name :  __________________________

*Mobile No. :_______________________

*Email ID : _________________________

*PAN :  _________________

*Purpose :   as Drop Down  : (i) Donation for General Purpose ,

                                                     (ii) Poor & Needy Students,

                                                     (iii) Donation for  Classroom Constructions,

                                                      (iv) Any Other – Specify etc

                                                      (v) Donation for Library

                                                      (vi) Donation for Sports Facility & Gymkhana


Any Other Remark regarding purpose of Donation (If any) : ____________________

Testimonials : ________________________

*Amount : ____________


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