Quiz Club 2013 - 14

Faculty Co-ordinator: Suvarna Nilakh

The Quiz Club has been extremely active in the academic year 2013-14. In the beginning of the year, on 17th of August hosted the first ever ILS inter-collegiate quiz competition called “Q”. Over 27 teams participated from all over Maharashtra making the event a great success. The quiz was set by Omkar Dhakephalkar (III BSL) who was also the Quiz Master for the day.

The Club has organized quizzes in the academic year on a weekly basis. Students involved with the Club have set quizzes on a wide range of topics in different formats making the quiz sessions highly engaging. Students have set numerous General Quizzes, Food and Beverage Quiz, Sports Quiz, Assassinations Quiz, Law Quiz, Game of Thrones (a popular book and TV franchise) Quiz.

Apart from the activities in college, members of the Quiz Club participated in inter-college quizzes conducted within and outside Pune. Omkar Dhakephalkar and Solaiappan (both from III BSL) were 1st Runners-up at the “World Quiz” organized by Government law College on topics like World History, International Law, International Conflicts and Indian Foreign Policy. Sruti Darbhamulla and Shravya Darbhamulla were 2nd Runners-up at the Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz organised by Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce. Shravya Darbhamulla stood first in the ladies category at Mahaquizzer, 2013 organised by Karnataka Quizzing Association. Mihika Jalan and Manaswi Agrawal were 2nd Runners-up for the Legal Quiz organised by Symbiosis Law School.

Student Co-ordinators for the quiz Club are Omkar Dhakephalkar (III BSL), Mrinmayi Katdare, Zainab Lokhandwala (both from V BSL), Solaiappan and Debopriyo Moulik (both from III BSL).