Quiz Club 2017 - 18

Faculty Coordinator:- Dr. Suvarna S Nilakh

The quiz club was extremely active in the academic year 2017-2018.

The Club organized quizzes in the academic year on a weekly basis. Students involved in the Club set quizzes in a wide variety of formats and learn not only how to quiz better but also how to set questions. Sessions were conducted on Harry Potter, General Knowledge, Indian Polity, Pop Culture, Comic Universe, Sit-coms etc.

Session Reports

The inaugural session was conducted on August 10, 2017 with the Ultimate Game of Thrones Quiz. The closing session was conducted on March 5, 2018 with the Bollywood Quiz. Regular sessions have been conducted every Friday at 3 PM. All sessions were well attended by ardent quizzers and the first year quizzers.

The regular sessions comprise General Knowledge questions. The Club also conducted Quizzes with special themes. The highlights of this year’s sessions were:

  • Game of Thrones Quiz
  • Marvel/DC Universe
  • Indian Constitution
  • Harry Potter
  • Criminal Law Quiz

The ILS Quiz Club also collaborates with other cells, every year to conduct a joint Quiz. This year, the Quiz Club collaborated with the Criminal Law Cell to conduct a joint Criminal Law Quiz based on landmark judgments. The Quiz was conducted by Sanjana Kulkarni, Aman Rawat and Ayush Abhinav (ILS Quiz Club) and the material for the Quiz were provided by the Criminal Law Cell. Members of both cells attended the session and it was a grand success.

The ILS Quiz Club hosted the 5th annual quiz competition, ‘Q’ on 8 & 9th September 2017. The event was made national level this year with the themes being Tech-Biz and General. The event was a new milestone in the quizzing activities of the club. The winners and runners-up of both the Quizzes were Kavin A and Snehashis Panda (cross team, IIT Bombay and DTSCE) and Arnab Sengupta and Anirudh Anilkumar (AFMC) respectively.

The ILS Quiz Club also takes up the initiative for setting the quiz at the college fest: Legal Ease. This time the elimination round was set by Advait Helekar and Shreyas Shetty of II BA LLB and the finals were conducted by Mohit Talwar and Indranil Ghawade (IV BA LLB). The theme for this year was: General with a tinge of Music.
The winner of the Legal Ease: Shreyas Marathe and Keyur Asarkar.

Promotion Activities

The ILS Quiz Club is also extremely active on the social media platform. The Facebook group comprising members (former students, current members) is thriving with regular updates and posts of competitions that are conducted in Pune and other parts of India. Quiz and trivia questions are also posted and answered by members of the fraternity. The Quiz Club has also started a WhatsApp group in order that important quizzing tips may be shared on a regular basis.

External Activities

Apart from activities in college, members of the Quiz Club also participated in inter-college quizzes outside the college. The highlight of the year was the 2nd prize bagged by the ILS team comprising Asmit Agarwal and Praful Shukla (IV BA LLB) in the NGT Environment Quiz conducted by NGT in association with SLS Pune on September 27th, 2017.

Student Coordinators

The student coordinators of this club are: Advait Helekar, Aman Rawat, Sanjana Kulkarni and Shreyas Shetty (II BA LLB), Asmit Agarwal, Ayush Abhinav, Indranil Ghawade, Mohit Talwar and Praful Shukla (IV BA LLB), Divyanshu Sharma and Azhakath Ammu Sasidharan (V BSL LLB).