Feedback from Institute of Advanced Legal Studies survey reports

1) for the following no. of years
2) According to you what approach to teaching law makes a law teacher a good law teacher?
3) According to you what approach should the students adopt to learn law effectively?
4) As a Law Teacher which of the following methods you would suggest to be adopted to teach law.
5) Law college class periods is distressing
6) Did you suffer from anxiety about your in-class teaching performance
7) Anxiety and uneasiness about teaching law can be eased by developing good and consistent studying habits
8) Studying and preparing for class in a useful manner will relieve the anxiety
9) Good class preparation will make class sessions much more interesting and enriching
10) Adequate preparation for law school classes is extremely time consuming
11) At times, you will no doubt feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done
12) It will be useful for you to learn good time management skills so that you can use that time efficiently
13) There are many ways to engage in effective time management, and you should choose one that works best for you
14) Preparing a regular study schedule for the - Day
15) Preparing a regular study schedule for the - Week
16) Preparing a regular study schedule for the - Month
17) Preparing a regular study schedule for the - Semester
18) Arranging study time -when you are most alert (are you a morning person? an evening person?)
19) Using technology to help manage your preparation time (e.g., palm pilots, computer calendars with pop-up reminders, etc.)
20) Recording or billing your hours to track how much time you have actually spent on preparing for different subjects throughout the week