Student Satisfaction Survey – Feedback Report – Academic Year 2018-19

Total Entries= 1552

1) How did you find the arrangement of courses in the present curriculum?
2) How was your experience regarding the completion of the syllabus?
3) How do you rate the use of innovative teaching methods in the classroom?
4) What is your opinion regarding the add-on diploma programs or interdisciplinary courses introduced by the college?
5) How do you find the current assessment / examination system?
6) How do you rate the College initiatives in promoting placements, internships, student exchange, field visit opportunities for students?
7) How was your experience regarding the participation in co-curricular activities like seminars, workshops and guest lectures?
8) How helpful is the mentor-mentee system in making students realize their strengths and development needs?
9) How do appreciate the extension activities like legal aid in providing student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies for enhancing learning experiences?
10) What is your opinion regarding the research and publication facilities provided to the students by the college?
11) How do you find the library timings and circulation facility?
12) How are the internet and reading room facilities in the library?
13) How useful are the online databases in learning process?
14) What is the utility value of e-resources and reference materials provided in the library?
15) What is your opinion about the availability of prescribed books and journals in the library?
16) To what extent does the library cater to your research needs?
17) Are the classrooms technologically equipped?
18) Is there a Wi-Fi facility on campus?
19) Are there canteen and parking facilities on campus?
20) Is there a sufficient hostel and mess provision?
21) Is cleanliness maintained in restrooms?
22) Is there enough space for carrying out sports and extra-curricular activities on campus?