The Ninth Judgment Writing Competition 2016

“The Ninth Judgment Writing Competition 2016 in memory of Judge Shri P N Behere  3 December, 2016”

ILS Law College announces the Ninth Judgment-Writing Competition for its students.


Programme of the competition :

Case for the competition will be circulated a week before the competition. The brief consisting of pleadings, affidavits of parties and documents, will be circulated a day or two before the competition. Practising Advocates will argue the matter before a judge. Participants will hear these arguments. The judge will respond to questions from participants. Participants will write judgments.

Click Here for Case Outline.


Eligibility for participation:


Court proceedings are open for all other students of ILS Law College.


Schedule for the competition 2016 :

Distribution of fact sheet: 17 Nov 2016

(Copy will be available on college web-site and with Mr. Chandrakant Ghume in library)

Registration: 25, 26 and 28 Nov personally outside Hall No 9, 11.40 am to 12.00 pm.

Orientation: 28 Nov at 12.30 pm (Hall No 1).

Last date for registration / withdrawal: personally 28 Nov immediately, after Orientation.

Collection of briefs: 1 Dec, personally outside Hall No 9, 12.00 am to 12.40 pm.

Competition: Saturday, 3 Dec, Saturday, 9.00 am to 5.30 pm,

Auditorium: arguments Library – first floor: writing judgments. Lunch: Boys Mess – Participants must carry I-Card .


Other rules for the competition :

  1. Participants may access wi-fi facility in library while writing judgments. They may bring and use their own laptops or any other reference material. Electricity connection for charging laptops may not be available. The judgment itself must be written by hand and completed in the Library Hall on sheets provided by college. Anyone found to have prepared judgment in advance will be disqualified from the competition.
  2. There is no registration fee. Participants who enroll but do not turn up at the competition, or do not effectively complete their judgment shall be liable to pay an amount Rs. 250/- (covering expenses of circulating materials and of lunch).
  3. Dress code: Formal (White and black).


Marking Scheme :

1. Statement of facts 20
2. Statement of case of each party and incorporation of arguments 20
3. Discussion of legal principles, authorities, evidence and procedure 20
4. Form, organization and structuring 15
5. Language, clarity and precision 15
6. Relief and orders 10
  Total Marks 100



Two best judgments will receive prizes.

LLM: Separate Prize/s if number of participants exceeds five.

Marathi Judgment: Special prize for a good judgment.



Judgment may be written in English or Marathi. Judgment in English shall be written exclusively in English. Judgment in Marathi shall be written in Marathi, but quotations from cases and text of statute may be stated in English.


Contact :

Participants may address queries to :

(A) Faculty Co-ordinators :

1. Rajalaxmi Joshi, Faculty Coordinator, [email protected]

2. Nilima Bhadbhade, Coordinator

(B) Student Co-ordinator :

1. Pooja Thakekar, [email protected], 8055407533