Library rules

  • Students are allowed to get One Book issued for the period of Eight days from the library by producing a library borrower card at the issue counter.
  • Each book will be issued for the period of Eight days after that they have to return it or renew it.
  • Renewal process will be subject to claims by other readers.
  • Students have to pay late fine if they don’t return/renew the book in time.
  • Fine will be charged@Rs.2/- per day.
  • Student can refer the reference book in the library during library hours by submitting I card. They have to return the book on the same day
  • For book damage, fine will be charged@100%of the book cost.
  • In case of book loss, students have to replace the book of the same author and latest edition or will have to pay book mentioned price.
  • In case of loss of library Borrower card, students have to fill the fresh application for getting new borrower card.

Library Membership and Circulation Policies

All registered students, faculty and staff of the institute are entitled for the membership of the library. The library membership card is available at the circulation counter.

Member Category Issue Privileges Duration
For Teachers
Full Time Faculty 19 One Semester
Part Time Faculty 06 One Semester
Non-teaching Staff 02 Three Months
Supporting Staff 02 One Month
For Students
Home Lending Members/General Books 01 Eight days
LL.M Members 02 Eight days
Moot Court Members 15 Seven Month
Book Bank Members 06 Six Months
Ph. D. Members 02 Eight days