The library has been spread into four floors. A Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor and Basement.

The Ground Floor Contains:

  • An entrance to the library
  • Property counter, (126 bags can accommodate at one time)
  • Reading room and Two Reprography machines
  • The current Journals / Reports which are being subscribed in the library are displayed
  • A Reading hall (42 Seating Capacity)
  • Text books and other reference books are housed here
  • Books issued to exclusively for the purpose of moot activities
  • Books also issued to staff members
  • Two Computer labs (21)equipped for browsing online databases

The First Floor has:

  • 13 computers for OPAC / Cd-Rom database search
  • Books Issue / Return Counter
  • Big reading hall (250 students)
  • Text books are kept for issuing purpose
  • General books and Literature section (Gymkhana Section)
  • Law Journals (Old bound volumes) and old newspapers
  • Reference books (Old editions)

The Second Floor has:

  • Faculty Room
  • Law Journals (Old bound volumes)
  • 15 Computers for browsing internet and online databases
  • Lift and ramp facility
  • Wash room facility

Relax reading/ Lounge area for browsing:

There is one big room for each floor (1st& 2nd), which is to be used exclusively by teachers and research workers. Each room can accommodate 18 users. In addition to chairs and tables, sofa set is provided for reclining and relaxed reading.

Physical Learning Resources:

  • There are 55 computers in the library to be used exclusively by students for browsing the internet, online databases, and searching OPAC.
  • Two photocopy machines are available for printing required material
  • There is one scanner and one printer for public access in the library
  • ILS has a dedicated lease line connection with bandwidth of 100 mbps 1:1
  • Library provides 9 Laptops for effective teaching learning
  • Total area of the library: 16760 sq. mtrs
  • Total seating capacity: 280