library services and facilities

The services and facilities provided by library are as follows:

  1. Reference Service
    Reference Service is an important service offered by the library. It also maintains a collection of reference books consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, CD-ROMs, Audio and Video cassettes etc.
  2. Open Access
    It provides open access to all library users. They can browse, read the any references in the reference section. It helps users to make full use of the resources available in the library.
  3. Book Lending Service
    This service is offered to all library users. The resources borrowed from the library shall be returned on or before the due date during library working hours. Its terms and conditions are mentioned in Library Rules and Regulations.
  4. Periodical Service
    The magazines and journals are made available to library users. students have to read in library only.
  5. E-Journals and E-book Service
    The library provides individual user ID and its password to users for making use of e-resources for INFLIBNET N-LIST and Other databases are made available through IP Based.
  6. Library OPAC
    The resources of the library have been computerized with integrated library management software – SLIM21. Two computers are installed at the entrance to locate library resources. Users can search the resources by author, title, subject, key words etc.
  7. Current Awareness Service
    Newly arrived books are displayed on the stand installed at the entrance of the library and being displayed for a week. It will be issued only after a week of display.
  8. News-Paper clipping service
    The ILS Law Library is subscribing number of Newspapers. Every day the newspapers are containing very important news in special edition on various subjects which are very useful to the readers. Depending on the usefulness of the information available in the newspaper, we will send the mail to users, so that they are able to read at their convenient time.
  9. User Orientation
    Library conducts orientation programmes for new users. It is to enable them to use library resources effectively.
  10. Photocopy Facility
    The Photocopy service is provided to the members of the library. It is located at the entrance of the library.
  11. Wi-Fi Facility
    The entire library is Wi-Fi enabled; members can use their configuration laptops to access electronic resources subscribed by the library.