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Aahwaan : Intra-College Drama Festival

We are pleased to announce that Indian Law Society’s ILS Law College is hosting the 12th edition of ‘Aahwaan’, the Intra-College Drama Festival on March 18th, 2023. Aahwaan is a yearly event held at ILS Law College that provides a large platform for the hidden talents of law students, boosting their confidence in both legal and social aspects of life. The event includes a drama competition and an intra-college script writing competition called ‘Alfaz-e-Kalam’, aimed at unraveling the quiescent talents among students.

The details of the Aahwaan festival are as follows:

Date: March 18th, 2023
Time: To be announced

Registration link for drama competition:

Start date: 20/02/2023
Last date: 05/03/2023

Registration link for Scriptwriting competition:

Start date: 20/02/2023
Last date: 05/03/2023

We look forward to seeing the participation of all the talented law students at this exciting event.