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Second Year II BA LL.B. and II LL.B., 21-22: Notice of Attendance and Timetable

Dear Students ,

Welcome to the II Year first semester of the academic year 21-22.

The lectures will commence from 8th November 2021 as per the timetable.  The time table also has the links to join the on-line lectures.  Pleaser use your official email address to join the meet and attend lectures.

Attendance for the first term of the academic year 2021-22 will be recorded from 8th November 2021. Attendance for optional subjects will be recorded from 15th November 2021.

All students of II BA. LL.B. & II LL.B. courses must take note of the following regarding attendance for the First Term of the academic year 2021-22.

  1. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, as per norms of Government of Maharashtra and Savitribai Phule Pune University, for this academic session, the College is conducting classes in online and offline mode.
  2. For attending classes in offline mode, separate notice will be issued.
  3. While attending classes in online mode, after the recording of Google meet starts, the students are required to type their ‘roll number’, ‘division’ and ‘present’ in the chat box.
  4. For keeping a term, the students must comply with the norms prescribed by the Savitribai Phule Pune University Ordinances (Ordinance No. 68 to 73) in force for the time being. Please visit –
  5. Attendance will be recorded only if the student is present for the entire lecture.
  6. During the online lecture, the teacher may ask you to switch on the camera at any point of time. If students fail to comply, they will be marked absent.
  7. The students should be dressed appropriately during the online lecture.
  8. Students must comply with Rule 12 of Legal Education framed by the Bar Council of India under the Advocates Act, 1961. Please visit-

In case a student is nominated / selected by the College to participate in the NCC Camps, Inter Collegiate or University Competitions, Sports, and other competitions, the actual number of days spent for participation in these activities will be counted towards the attendance of the student as per Ordinance 71 of the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

The student must submit an application to the faculty in-charge of the concerned activity for getting such credits immediately after the activity. Credits/Concession will not be available for any other reasons, e.g. Volunteering for organizing activity in the College, Practice Session, Institutional Visits, In-house conferences/Training Programmes etc.

  1. In case the student is unable to attend a lecture because of internet/ electricity failure, he/she shall communicate it on the same day along with all the supporting documents by filling the following form   
  2. In case the student is unable to attend the lecture because of medical reasons, the Scanned Medical Certificate duly signed by the doctor with the doctors’ stamp and registration number should be submitted along with the prescribed application at the following link –


  1. The application and the Medical Certificate should be submitted through the above link only within three days from joining the online lectures. Medical Certificate will not be accepted at a later stage.
  2. At the end of each month, attendance of students will be communicated to them on their college email ids. If attendance recorded needs correction, application for the same must be submitted within three days of the communication of attendance on the following link –


Click Here for the II BA.LL.B. timetable.

Click Here for the revised II LL.B. timetable.