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AIR Law Academy & Research Centre : Legal Drafting Basic Course with Internship Programme

AIR LAW ACADEMY AND RESEARCH CENTRE has announced a Legal Drafting Basic Course with Internship Programme.

DURATION : 30 Days

At AIR Law Academy and Research Centre, we are happy to create an opportunity for law students to intern and train with us through online mode. The objective of this programme is to introduce our interns/students to extensive Legal Research, Legal Editing and its practical applications.

For “Online Legal Drafting Basic Course with Internship Programme, applications are invited from law students of UG, PG and also fresh law graduates.

Our various activities will take you through the art of researching and writing articles, developing content and of course drafting legal documents. Webinars from subject experts will be available to guide you through the programme and provide a brief overview of the activities. This will assist you in comprehending the nuances of legal professional skills. A regular evaluation process will assist you in learning the proper research and drafting procedures with the assistance of Mentors.

Benefits of Internship program

  • Interns will be provided with an ‘Internship Certificate.’
  • Interns whose article will be selected to be published on our online portal will be given ‘Certificate of Publication.’ Due credit will be awarded for articles published on the website.
  • Interns with excellent performance will be considered for the Long Term Internship programme with AIR Law Academy and Research Centre.
  • Enhances EMPLOYABILITY – provides opportunity to be associated with AIR Pvt Ltd.  & AIR Law Academy & Research Centre [ALARC] 
  • Interns will be provided with “Completion of Legal Drafting Basic Course” Certificate

Certificate of participation will be awarded to the candidates considering the following parameters:- Attendance, punctuality, discipline, participation in online session is mandatory, submission of activities within stipulated time.

Application of Programme should be submitted through this online platform only.

Internship facility fees:- 

  1. Online Programme – Rs.4720/- (inclusive of GST)  
  2. Onsite Programme at AIR Law Academy & Research Centre, Nagpur – Rs. 5900/- (inclusive of GST)

Last Date of Registration – 30th October, 2023

Click on the link below for registration –

For any details, may please contact at phone:- 8149343398/ 9372777801

Mail your queries at :- [email protected]

Click Here for the Brochure for On-Site Programme.

Click Here for the Brochure for Online Programme.