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I B.A.LL.B. & I LL.B. : October 2022 Exam : Application for Revaluation

The scans of the Answers Books are available to the students who had applied for Photocopy in their Student Dashboard. (

Students who wish to apply for Revaluation shall follow the following steps: (Note: only students who have applied for Photocopy will be able to apply for revaluation)

  1. Download the scan of your answer books from your login id.
  2. Apply for revaluation through your student dashboard. 
  3. The revaluation form and the fees shall be submitted online.
  4. The fee payable is as follows: Revaluation : Rs. 250/- per answer book+ Rs. 30/- Processing Fee.
  5. Last date for application of Revaluation21st August 2023 till 5.00 pm.